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Friday, 14 May 2010

I want to meet other Mum's (Mom's) to network and work from home

I have less than two hours to get dressed and tidy the house as my little angel has invited her friend round to see her frog. I hope this blog reaches other Mum's (Mom's) that are struggling financially and that would like to join together to try and earn a living from home.
With so many scams out there you have to be careful. Never, ever pay for any work from home ideas. Only go with the free ones, nothing tried, nothing gained.

I would like to offer Mum's (Mom's) a chance to earn money from the following:

- Fairy parties (unique to Butterfly Lullaby)
- Fairy portraits (all done by email and affordable)
- Children's T-shirts (designed by little artists - even your child)

I am currently updating my online shop on my Butterfly Lullaby website. You can see my fairy book Butterfly Lullaby on Amazon. And the Butterfly Lullaby album, songs that go with the story are on Itunes and Amazon.

Why should you trust me. I believe in giving, that is why I give £1 to Cystic Fibrosis from every Butterfly Lullaby fairy book sold. They are currently being sold used all over the world and I would request anyone selling this book to have a heart and donate at least £1 as they are selling them at a good profit. Especially as Borders went under and with them some of my books unpaid for. And a box of books went missing which were meant to be sold by a lady doing craft shows.

Have a look at my fairy photography:

Here are some lovely gift ideas for children. Children's art is something to treasure:

I hope to blogg every day. My You Tube Channel is called http://www.youtube.com/user/ButterflyLullabyLtd

Get in touch Mum's - together we can earn a living from home and be there for our children. Happy children will mean they will grow up into happy adults! And I take my hat off to all those Mum's working away from home. You need family support to do it or a very good wage.

Lastly if you like my partners singing (Jakson Lee) please offer him some support so he does not go back to playing that stuppid X-Box. His songs are on the above videos.

Hope to speak to you all very soon. And here is something to make you giggle. How to grow a frog in your garden, our little frog floating on his apple boat:

My little angel wanted me to bring the frogs inside. So we have a tempory
fish tank full of tadpoles and have one tiny little Welsh frog. Will show
you the new video soon.

Have a great weekend.

Sharon x

P.S. If the famous Robin Stevens who has over 30 years children's TV experience believes in me and Butterfly Lullaby what have you got to loose? He did the below video for free Colour me a fairies wish and wanted to work with me. He is currently living in the USA and working on his TV career out there:

P.P.S I do suffer from dyslexia so excuse the grammer and spelling. Maybe dyslexia has made me more creative so I am not ashamed of it.

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