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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Mummy who layed you? Which Nan layed you?

This will make you laugh. My little angel asked me "Mummy who layed you?" I looked puzzled and she said "which Nan layed you?" Silly Mummy it was a straight forward question after all! I took photos at a local school last year and transformed all the little children into Easter chicks, similar to the picture above . I cut out the images using the pen tool, which takes over half an hour. Is there a quicker way. And if so, does it give you the same quality? Is there any photographer in Swansea that would like to team up with me by offering some of my services? You take the photo and I will do the photoshop side using my fairy templates etc. I cannot afford to drive so I am stuck. One photographer in Swansea is advertising my fairy photography in his studio. He has my Flamingo Dragonfly costume and a few of my Butterfly Lullaby fairy books. The Flamingo Dragonfly fairy is in the video below. A beautiful pink fairy. Song Hush is by Jakson Lee my partner. I love this song. He wrote the lyrics to the song as well as the music and beautiful vocals. If you like Jakson Lee's music follow his Twitter. http://twitter.com/Jaksonlee Official Butterfly Lullaby website: http://www.butterflylullaby.co.uk/

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