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Saturday, 15 May 2010

Song Mother - singer Jakson Lee (true story)


Mother Lyrics from my sister's poem (Louise M. Bainbridge)

Music and vocals: Jakson Lee

Lyrics to song Mother:

Mother you say
That I have changed
Mother I’m not the person
That I used to be
I have been easily influenced by others
Mother I’m a mirror
Do you not like what you see
Oh mother look deeply
Into my face and tell me it is not
Yourself you see

The lyrics to this beautiful song Mother are based on my sister's true story on how she has mirrored our Mother's illness. I miss her smile! I look back and remember when we used to laugh together and had happy days, before she married the awful alcoholic who destroyed her. She has been seriously ill for over 15 years now. She witnessed a lady trying to hang herself in hospital a few years back. The medication she has been on has all been trial and error. Some medication made her pace all day and all night and unable to keep still. She used to call me up from hospital wishing she could die as she did not want to go on. Thankfully she is now on medication that is drowning out the voices. The really sad thing is if she had never married her older husband she would never have had this awful breakdown which has bought up the past. She was far too young to marry him. If he is still alive "she wants a divorce!" And I don't blame her, he stopped me from seeing her for years. She goes by her maiden name and not her married name.

The pictures in the song video Mother are of us as children. She is my little sister who I adore and will stick up for till the end. No one knows what it is like for someone with this horrible illness unless you are close family and witness all the horrible things they go through.

Louise wants me to donate her side from this song to Cystic Fibrosis but I feel she deserves the money if there is any from sales. I have witnessed her go through hell and back. I would like her to use the money to get private counselling to get over the past as I know she can get better and she will beat this. And when she does she will be a great counsellor for others that suffer. It really makes me sad to hear people talk badly about her when they really have no idea what she has gone through. She is not like this through choice and she has really suffered, so give her a break and thank your lucky stars you don't have the same problem.

I love you little sis. My heart is always with you, be strong, you can beat this.

If there are any kind hearted people near Hastings, E.Sussex that would like to meet a really lovely, kind person that has a fantastic sense of humour please get in touch. My sister could do with some lovely kind friends. Together we can get her back to her old self.

And lastly I think the music to the song Mother is fantastic. I am so proud of my partner Jakson Lee it is a real masterpiece. Swansea Sound chose this song out of all his songs for the radio station. They gave my sister a mention which made her smile.

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