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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Best wedding song ever Butterfly Kisses - sang in front of famous fairy artist Josephine Wall

I have to say when I first heard the wedding song, Butterfly Kisses, it bought tears to my eyes. It is about a farther seeing his little girl grow up and get married. The perfect wedding song for any farther to play to his little girl while he walks her down the aisle. So when Jakson Lee my partner sang this song at the Enchanted Manor in front of famous fairy artist Josephine Wall and the Kirks Folly (Jennifer Kirk) from QVC TV I could feel myself filling up as he sang it to our little girl who is a long way away from being a grown up.

Thank you to fairy artist Josephine Wall for allowing me to use her beautiful fairy pictures in this video. Josephine had to go all the way to the USA to get noticed. How sad is that! Such a talented, gifted artist that the British just did not acknowledge! But I know how she felt, as I know that America is where we will get our lucky break and not here in the UK.

I know Jakson Lee is my partner, but I have always believed in his musical talent. I can see that spark, that special something that needs to be seen. And that is why I nag, nag, nag him day and night to get his songs out on You Tube. Will you help me by leaving some comments about his voice and songwriting skills. He is on i Tunes and Amazon. Jakson Lee without the 'c' in Jakson.

Ric and Maggie the owners of the Enchanted Manor said that if they did not have the Enchanted Manor to manage they would manage his singing career. Well to me that says it all! He has got talent and one day he will get the break he deserves. If you are planning on getting married check out the Enchanted Manor in the Isle of Wight. They have won so many awards. They are on You Tube. It is the ideal wedding venue if you are looking for that fairytale theme. And Ric and Maggie the owners are so funny and entertaining. Maggie is a wonderful cook and together they make you feel like one of the family and not a number. Nothing is too much trouble. Don't take my word for it. Go to www.tripadvisor.co.uk and type in Enchanted Manor Isle of Wight and it will come up with loads of guest comments about their stay. When you go there you do not want to leave.

Hear Jakson Lee on You Tube (click here)

Please leave some positive comments on You Tube for us (www.youtube.com/user/butterflylullabyltd and www.youtube.com/user/jaksonlee123.) I am sure if Jakson Lee got the positive comments on You Tube he would create more music, and stop wasting his life on silly little on line games. When you have a gift you should be proud of it and work hard to promote it. I will keep nagging until I find him a manager that can do it for me.

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