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Thursday, 10 June 2010

Butterfly Lullaby song sang by the King Butterfly fairy from the book Butterfly Lullaby

Butterfly Lullaby the original fairy song sang by the King Butterfly fairy about his little Butterfly Princess flying away from home. See Butterfly Lullaby You Tube video:

Original lyrics to the song Butterfly Lullaby (fairy song)

Butterfly Lullaby sing me a song
In the night there you fly
far from your home
Summer time has come and gone
Look what you've done
You can be my butterfly
I want to sing you a lullaby
Open up your wings and fly
Your my butterfly

When I came up with the original Butterfly Lullaby song, book, fairy portraits by email, and craft ideas I never imagined Butterfly Lullaby would have such a following, and that is with the name alone. Funny thing is I did a search in Google to make sure no one had the name or was using the name before I took out the Butterfly Lullaby Trademark and bought the Butterfly Lullaby websites. No one can take that away from me, I am the founder of Butterfly Lullaby and my name is Sharon J. Bainbridge. I own the Butterfly Lullaby websites, Trademark and Business name. Our Butterfly Lullaby song is the original song and our Butterfly Lullaby book is also the original fairy book. I want to thank Google for stopping businesses and people trying to get in front of me and for stopping the nasty people that caused me so many problems last year and this year. Thank you Google I really do appreciate your help! With Googles help I will get my message across and with some fairy luck I will be able to help others. Helping other people gives me a warm glow inside so I do hope I can find the sponsorship I need to offer Mum's (Mom's) a chance to work from home by selling their arts and crafts on my website with no upfront fees. I love being a Mum at home, but it is very difficult financially that is why we need help to give our children the brighter future they deserve.

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