Thursday, 24 June 2010

Colour me a fairies wish Butterfly Fairy Birthday Cake recipe with all the colours of the rainbow

Here is my own original Butterfly Fairy Birthday Cake based on my fairy story Colour me a fairies wish. The cake can be made as a rainbow butterfly birthday cake:

Or a butterfly fairy birthday cake using my personalised fairy puppet from my children's story Colour me a fairies wish. Your child as a fairy topper on their birthday cake.

Colour me a fairies wish butterfly fairy birthday cake

Cake Mix Ingredients
20 oz Marg
20 oz Sugar
20 oz Flour
12 Eggs

Dr Oetker Regal-Ice
Ready to roll icing

A4 size Butterfly wing cake pattern - use to create a butterfly wing shape for your butterfly birthday cake (click on the image and save to your desktop:)

Here is the Birthday Butterfly Fairy Cake instruction video:

The story Colour me a fairies wish is based on my Butterfly Lullaby fairytale story where the fairy wishes to have coloured wings. Except in this story the fairies tear drops create a cloud and it starts to rain. The rain drops fall in beautiful colours and colour the fairies wings with all the colours of the rainbow. My fairy story is read out by a famous puppeteer who has had over 30 years in children's TV:

The personalised fairy cake topper can be used as a lovely fridge magnet:

Of course the wings for this personalised fairy puppet change colour like the fairy story.

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