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Monday, 14 June 2010

Does your child think they are fat? Give them a Butterfly Lullaby fairy cake if they are being silly

My little angel thinks she is fat, she is not even ten years old and I just find this so sad. She is thinner than me when I was a child and I was called thin Lizzy. The sad thing is she really believes she is fat and she thinks I am fat. I am not fat, but I am not the shape society expects me to be either. And when I was her age fat never came into my mind, those were the days when looks were not important and people never looked down on others for the way they were! I have friends that are thinner than me, and they are always going on about how fat they are and how they need to get in shape. They are a size 8/10, we are talking skinny, but in a nice way! I think they all need to go to a hypnotist and get their head re programmed as it is just silliness.

But on a serious note. Women are never happy with themselves. No matter what they look like. A man can look in the mirror and see Brad Pit, where a women is forever picking faults in herself. What a sad old life. I am lucky as my looks etc do not matter to me. Although I moan about my partner because I want him to do well with his singing/music and promote himself, I have to say out of all my boyfriends he is the most down to earth. I can walk around in my PJ's with my hair looking like a cave women (no make up) and he will come up to me and tell me I look beautiful. The way I look at things is that there is always someone else worse off than yourself. There are people with missing limbs, and don't have their health, so is the way we look really that important? I really don't think so. We are the lucky ones! And if your man picks on you about your the way you look "dump him," as I bet he is no Brad Pit, even if he looks in the mirror and thinks he is.

Now lets all just sit down and have a Butterfly fairy cake and forget about the way we look! If you want to know how I made these Butterfly Lullaby fairy cup cakes send me a message, glad to share my ideas. Great for kids birthday parties.

If you would like to win the Butterfly Lullaby fairy party package see my You Tube video:

P.S. I would love to hear your stories. So let me know if your child thinks they are fat, or if you think you are fat. Or are made to feel you do not fit in with society. The problem is when people tell you there is something wrong with you, you end up believing it! Try to take not notice, and tell them to get a hobby.
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