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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Free butterfly, ladybird, dragonfly pattern for children to colour in and make butterfly crafts

See below video of what you can make with the free butterfly, dragonfly and ladybird pattern for children, creating children's crafts the Butterfly Lullaby way:

Here is the free children's colouring in pattern for creating butterfly pegs, ladybird pegs and dragonfly pegs. Really cute and fun things for children to make over the summer holidays. Just click on the image and save to your desktop.

My online shop may be up and running soon. So if you wanted to you could purchase the clothes pegs from Butterfly Lullaby send me a message. I was hoping to get a sponsor for an art and crafts shop on my website so Mum's can sell their crafts on my website with no upfront fees, but like everything in this world nothing is ever easy. It is hard being a Mum as most Mum's (Mom's) want to be with their children but have to work away from home, come back to all the housework etc and don't really get any quality time with their children. Working from home would be much better for Mum's (Mom's) - what do you think?

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