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Friday, 4 June 2010

Google please find a sponsor for Butterfly Lullaby work at home project for Mum's (Mom's)

I am looking for sponsorship so I can offer Mum's (Mom's) a chance to earn a living from home so they can be with their children. An online store with no upfront fees for them to sell arts, crafts and downloads.

Selling crafts on the Internet is not easy! I had a meeting with the Welsh Police this year and was amazed at the losses to small business owners because of the obvious threats on the net. That is why we need big companies to sponsor the little people and get this country back on it's feet. Children need their Mum's and if Mum's (Mom's) want to be at home with their children they should have this opportunity. I would like an online shop open to all Mum's wanting to sell arts and crafts and downloads. I know fees have to be paid to keep the website going, but would like the fees to come from actually selling the item rather than listing them. That way Mum's (Mom's) with no money, that are struggling have a chance to get on their feet. As Butterfly Lullaby is not just a fairytale book and songs, but a brand I would also like an online Butterfly Lullaby store related to all my brand ideas. And if Mum's wish to make the Butterfly Lullaby dolls, fairy doors and tea sets etc they can submit their designs to me for consideration for the Butterfly Lullaby store.

Butterfly Lullaby art show with clever little artist:

Just the name Butterfly Lullaby has had a huge following. The name Butterfly Lullaby never existed on the Google search before I purchased the Butterfly Lullaby website etc. But I am the proud owner and founder of Butterfly Lullaby and know that what I have created is something very magical indeed, which I wish to share with other Mum's (Mom's.)

Leave me a message if you love arts and crafts and are interested in my ideas. Are you a struggling Mum (Mom) who needs to earn a living from home to be with your child? Don't struggle alone, join me and together we can make a happy life for our children.

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