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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Hypnosis worked for me & my farther has it worked for you? Can hypnosis work for people that suffer from worry and depression?

I would like to hear from people that have had hypnosis and have found it actually helped them. What did you have hypnosis for and how long ago? My real farther introduced me to hypnosis about 10 years ago. I admit I really did not believe it worked. But seeing as he had been going for years and actually used hypnosis to stop real pain, I thought there must be something in it. Approximately 30 years ago or more my farther had a serious car crash and seriously broke his leg. This of course caused him major problems later in life and if it was not for hypnosis he would have had to give up his job. While he saved up for a hip operation hypnosis got him through the pain so he could carry on working. He had his own business as a painter and decorator so climbing up ladders was a must. Today I read an article about the medical board using hypnosis for burns patients, which I find fascinating. Imagine if it works on them then you really have to take it seriously.

I will investigate the claim that hypnosis helps burns patients as I have a very dear friend that works in the burns unit in Swansea. I am told it is the best in the world! I am convinced as it was incredible seeing my farther limping to being actually able to walk and climb a ladder. But if it is proof you want I can ask my friend about the burns patients.

The reason I am so interested in hypnosis is because I have family that suffer from worry and depression. I would like to hear from anyone that has had hypnosis for this and can highly recommend it. If it works then that is a total break through. A few years ago I was told that hypnosis was being used on people who are mentally ill. If anyone has any information on this please get in touch as I would love to know if it really works on people who have lost touch with reality.

I had hypnosis for blocking out things in the past. And it was totally amazing. We all have something that has not quite gone right in our life that seems to play on our mind. It is a good way of getting rid of old baggage and moving forward. 

I cannot recommend a good hypnotist as our one sadly died. But I would recommend you go through your GP and get someone qualified that they recommend.

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