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Monday, 14 June 2010

Kylie Minogue stops using Botox and her boyfriend prefers her without make up! Great news for real women.

After I wrote my story about my little girl thinking she was fat, I heard on the radio that Kylie Minogue has stopped using Botox and that her boyfriend prefers her without make-up. This is great news for women. For me, I want to grow old gracefully. If my man does not like the way I am then he can take a hike.

People tell me I do not look my age, whether they are just being kind, I don't know. All I know is that I am not willing to go under the knife for anyone. And thankfully the man I am with loves me for who I am, and like Kylie Minogue's boyfriend, he prefers me with no make-up.

Tell me your story. Does your man like you for who you are? Or do you have to put your make-up on before he wakes up. I know it is funny, but some women do, do this! And do you have to work out all the time to keep trim?

I look back at previous boyfriends. One told me that he told his Mother I was nice, but not pretty. That did me the world good and made me feel really special. But then he was not from the UK and wanted a British Passport. Lucky for me he was not very good at hiding his feelings, ha ha. My Mother sadly has been ill all her life and says the strangest things. When I was 10 she told me I was ugly. It knocked my confidence, I have to admit, but I know she did not mean it. She can't help the things she says and I would never change her as it has made me appreciate people much more. The main problem is dating. Finding a good man is so difficult. I still have friends that are single. They are really lovely people, beautiful inside and out. But do most men expect us women to look like Barbie Dolls? I really do not get why women want to have their you know what's enlarged. When I worked in pubs I hated men (usually old men) looking at them instead of looking at me as a person a human being. It is just do damn right creepy! The photo of me below was taken a few years ago with my little angel.

I think if you want to stay young looking then just use sun screen (sun lotion.) I use Bio oil because my skin is so dry. And it seems to give it a bit of life, the lines are not so noticeable. But who cares. Laughter lines are good! And I love to laugh it is good for the sole. 

I would love to hear your stories so get in touch. Leave a comment below. Lets have a giggle. I did record me trying to make the Butterfly Lullaby Fairy Flan and I don't know if it was the lighting or what but I just could not face putting it on You Tube. I don't want my little girl growing up thinking she is not pretty so I tell her she is beautiful every day! And I also tell her it is not all about looks, it is what is going on in the inside that is more important. If people are kind and good, that outshines everything else.

Well I best make my little fairy tea set now before the dough dries up. Wish me luck as I could not find the recipe for salt dough so made it up. My little girls frog pen holder turned out ok so hopefully I can post you the details.

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