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Sunday, 13 June 2010

Ok ladies how many of you hate on line games and Xbox? It's a family thing

I am going to tell you a little story. The good thing for Xbox is that damn machine is unbreakable! Have to say it, even though it kills me, they made something very solid there that certainly stands the tests of time.

Last year I dumped my partner on Facebook. A bit dramatic you may think. Well his Mother thought so, not really a very nice way to find out I had finished it with her son, but after years of his non stop on line game playing as well as other things, I was at the end of my tether. Love his Mum to bits. But I have to stand my ground as otherwise I will end up being a doormat. And no one deserves that!

He took me serious this time and smashed the Xbox to the ground, and boy did it break apart, but it is still working and he is still playing it.

For me it is like living with a naughty little boy that has to get his own way all the time. Can't help out when he is playing the game as he has to play to win. I want to hear from all you lovely ladies out there that fancy letting off some steam. Tell me your story. Surely I cannot be the only Mum in this world that hates this on line game playing?

The really sad thing is that if he stopped playing Xbox etc he could work on promoting his real talent, which is singing/songwriting. I talked to Dave the other day who he used to create jingles for and he agrees with me. Jakson Lee you are wasting your talent, grow up and stop messing around and think about your little girl. She wrote a lovely little song, why have you not recorded it with her. I hope he reads this!

Jakson Lee singing Gotta get through this. If you like his voice go to You Tube and type in Jaksonlee for his original songs.

Am I death, I think he has a lovely voice, what do you think? If you don't agree I think I will just stop nagging him and let him get on with his stupid little game. But the biggest bug for me is when he tricks me into getting into debt to pay for something to help his music career, gets the damn thing then lets me down by still playing the on line game. To me that is just damn selfish. And I don't care who reads this as I deserve better.

Is your partner talented, but wasting their life away too? Leave a comment.

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