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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The truth about women having to be the bread winner

In this video below shows a women having to work long hours to keep her family afloat. I personally feel really sorry for her. There is nothing wrong with her wanting to look after her child, we bring children into this world and most Mum's (Mom's) want to be with their children and bring them up. I wonder how much time her husband gets to relax compared to her?


I know for a fact if my partner was at home. Nothing would get done! He would be on his online game all day. My little angel would be waiting an hour for a drink etc because he has to finish his stupid little game first! And do you notice how annoyed they get if they cannot finish the game because it is on line. Is this really healthy? She would not get to do art and things because he just does not have the attention spam to do it. On line games are fine if you are single, but with a family they wreck your life! The sad thing is he in my opinion is very talented when it comes to singing and creating songs. He should be teaching her to play the piano, instead of that silly game. What a waste of talent! The main thing is my child adores him because he is her Dad so he must be doing something right.

I would like to see Job Centres offering Mum's (Mom's) real work from home opportunities, which have been tried and tested. The cost of living is high so in most cases both parents have to work. In my case I will not relax until I am the bread winner as my partner may be very talented, but because I have to nag him to do anything I just wonder why I bother so I am looking for people that deserve my promotion and will work hard.

Today I have a meeting with the Photography Studio who will be promoting my work. So if I am in a position to offer any Mum's (Mom's) work using Photoshop from home in the future, I will. Subscribe to me on You Tube and here on my blog to keep up to date on my progress. And don't forget I do have an online shop, which I am updating re all the Mum's (Mom's) that make crafts. I am looking for a way to try and help people that need it, because little people need a helping hand.

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