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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Why do computers only last a year? Electrical items don't seem to last like they used to!

In the old days as my Nan would say "things were made to last." My Nan had her washing machine for 20 years. My Mum's spin dryer still works and it is over 30 years old. Hoovers lasted years. Everything lasted! Now we live in a throw away society, which is very bad for the environment. Not to mention it is not helping people get their little businesses off the ground, we can't afford to keep replacing computers and everything else every year, we are getting totally ripped off! 

I have gone through two laptops and two computers in ten years. One lap top only lasted a year, broke before the warranty ran out. The latest computer broke after a year. This stupid computer did not do what we wanted it to do even though we spoke to the people before buying it. We told them what we needed to use it for re animation and they said yes it would work and low and behold it did not. And do you think they would sort it out, no chance. I don't know about you but I am sick of being ripped off! It is all very well having to take out warranties, but it is never ending on everything you buy.

Last year I went through 3 hoovers. We have gone through 3 camcorders, all broke down.

I do have to praise Samsung as our fridge was freezing over and we were ending up with frozen milk. An engineer came out and fixed it for free. Now that's customer service! I am proud to stick my customised fridge magnet on my Samsung Fridge!

Let me know your stories are you fed up and sick of being ripped off too?

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