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Friday, 9 July 2010

Do Mum's (Mom's) have time to do art and crafts with their children? Would you allow them to take art and craft lessons on the computer?

Hi to all the Mum's (Mom's) on the Internet

I am trying to find out if you as parents do art and crafts with your children. I know if you are working that sort of thing is very difficult to fit into your schedule. My little Angel loves to create original drawings and adores making things. If you have time just take a look at this little video below and let me know if your children enjoyed watching her draw:

I have met someone very interesting on You Tube who is an amazing artist and has a website where arty people teach classes on line. The lovely thing about this is that anyone can do it and there are no critics. I guess I am the sort of person that believes everyone has the right to create no mater what their ability. And this group think along the same lines. If you scroll to the bottom of their website you will see a heart wrenching video about how critics have pulled an artist to pieces. Very sad, as the artist clearly has talent!


I love You Tube and thank Google for the opportunity to create lots of videos for free.

And would really like to hear from all you Internet Mum's (Mom's) out there. Please get in touch and leave me a little comment as I would really love to know that children are still creating and doing art and crafts and are not stuck to computer games. Why is this important? Well I have a big kid myself, he is my partner and is just wasting his talent away on-line games.

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