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Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Cycling accident along Swansea Seafront next to Blackpill bridge, which crosses the stream to the sea, August 2010 - Danger be careful!

Yesterday was such a lovely sunny day my partner dropped our daughter and I off at the wonderful outdoor paddling pool along Swansea Seafront, near Mumbles, which is just brilliant for the kids. Really clean water and just the right water height for paddling. Wonderful views of the beach and sea and close by the play area where they can go on the swings etc. There is even a wonderful train that takes you along the seafront, a restaurant and little shop where you can buy beach things, drinks, snacks, and ice-creams.

My little girl got me to buy a beach Lilo for the outdoor pool. Mummy of course had to lay on the beach Lilo while she dragged me around the pool. Cold, very cold! But hey kids don't mid, I know I was never bothered by cold water when I was a child. I decided it was time for a cup of hot tea, so bought one at the shop close by which was very reasonable. Then I came up with a plan. Time to find her a friend to play with. I got her to approached a couple of girls and they were not very friendly. Then I saw a little girl with goggles and said she looks adventurous go and ask her to play with you and the beach Lilo. When she started talking to the little girl they were giggling and getting on as if they had known each other for years. Then she came over and said Mum it's my friend from school. Her Mum waved and I went over to chat. No longer on our own, fantastic!

After a while my little one was shivering so my friend suggested we go along the beach to a secluded part of the beach under the cycling bridge (Blackpill Bridge) next to a lovely stream that went into the sea. The children were having a ball collecting shells and paddling in the shallow stream, when all of a sudden I hear my friend scream. She sees a cyclist lose control of her bike on the cycling path and fall down onto the rocks just opposite us. Words cannot express the shock and horror we felt for this poor girl, who was probably in her early 20's. My friends young son walked through the stream to get to her with a towel as she had badly injured herself. The beach Lilo came in very handy as she was clearly hurt and very uncomfortable on the pebbles below. Just crossing the stream in bare feet was painful so she must have been in absolute agony falling on them. She sat down on the beach Lilo with blood pouring from her face. We were amazed she could stand let alone walk. My friend had called for an ambulance straight away. Thank goodness she managed to get a signal.

You just feel so helpless when something like that happens. The paramedic came and later the ambulance.

My friend went over to see if there was anything she could do as she knew a little bit about first aid and putting pressure on the wound. I don't want to go into details but the poor girl was in a very bad way. Her fingers were in a terrible state, her toe probably broken, but the most damage was to her face. When I got back home my other friend called me who is a nurse and works in the burns unit. She said that she will no doubt see the young girl as her unit deals with plastics re reconstructing her face. If only I had called my friend the day before she would have come with us and could have helped that poor young girl.

Cycling around the Swansea Seafront is really beautiful but that one part is very dangerous for any inexperienced cyclist, or child so please be careful. The cycling route gives you the option to go another way, which by passes this dangerous part near the bridge. My friend said as a child she remembers losing control of her bike and nearly falling onto the rocks below. And is very cautious with her children near the bridge. I recall my NZ friend lost her brother to a cycling accident in Murray's Bay, where he lost control and fell to the rocks below.

Don't let this put you off, as cycling along the Swansea seafront is something I would love to do, even now. But I will make sure we take the other cycling path opposite Blackpill Bridge, which crosses the stream below.  

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