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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Expensive Invisible Rabbit Fleas £55 vet bill - poor Cindy Woo, poor me!

Both my friend and I had been bitten badly by garden insects a few weeks back. Then we all got bitten! Garden insect bites is something I have always suffered from before having pets. Because my other friend had terrible cat fleas and had to spray the house etc my little girls friend put the garden insect bites down to flea bites. I remember years ago when I lived with my parents they had a terrible pet flea problem in the house from the dog. I had to get someone in to spray the house. The fleas jumped up on my feet and you could see them.  So I am somewhat confused to how our Cindy Woo has them as you certainly cannot see anything and their is nothing jumping in the carpet!

I always think well it is better to be safe than sorry, so off we all went to the vets. All the research I had done on the Internet pointed to the vet, so I thought we did not really have a choice. The vet examined Cindy Woo and could not see any rabbit fleas. While I was holding her a mark came up on my arm, which he thought was a flea bite. Being Asthmatic and having tests done in London re my animal allergies the mark looked exactly the same as the ones that came up when I had the animal tests. So I still was not convinced but thought well we definitely do not want rabbit fleas in the house so lets go with it. All I can say is there must be a cheaper alternative to getting rid of rabbit fleas, including invisible ones, as a £55 vet bill is just not what I was expecting, that is one hell of an expensive invisible flea! As for the mark on my arm well that disappeared quickly and did not itch, if flea bites are anything like garden insect bites then the bite on my arm was not a bite but purely an allergic reaction to the rabbit.

Cindy Woo our rabbit is a house pet because it rains quite a lot where we live, so it is an easy solution to me keeping my little girl happy. We keep our pet rabbit in the kitchen, not the best place, but the kitchen is big and the floor is easy to clean, and it is worth the sacrifice to see my little girl's face light up every morning when she tells Cindy Woo just how much she loves her. We don't have any other pets as both my little girl and I suffer from asthma and animals do set it off. Cindy Woo (our pet bunny rabbit) does make our eyes itch at times too. But seeing as we wash our hands every time we pick her up it keeps it at bay most of the time.

Cindy Woo is not allowed in the lounge because she likes to chew wires. So far she has eaten through the fridge wire, my little girls Nintendo DS, and the hoover wire. So now I have to block the fridge off by using our old kitchen table as we don't really want an electrified bunny rabbit!

What did I get for a £55 vet fee for invisible fleas? Well we got a spray to spray the whole house, which you have to leave for 6 hours and close all the windows. You have to leave the house of course for the full six hours, then go back in and open all the windows. This flea spray is called Acclaim, which is recommended by vets. I did not have to buy this spray, the vet did say that I could just hoover round the house and hoover everything. But lets face it Mum's (where do we get time to do that?) As it happens we don't need it as a friend of mine said leave a bowl of water on the carpet and the fleas will jump in and drown. As I thought no fleas! The spot on cost £14.23 for three doses. The vet consultation cost £21.00 for approx 10 minutes. And the Acclaim pet flea spray, which I did not have to buy cost £19.97. The vet put the spot on our pet bunny rabbit in three to four places on her back. I have to give her the other two doses two weeks apart from each other. The spot on packet has a picture of a dog on it! I have just looked at Pets at home and their dog spot on costs £4.79 for twelve weeks cover.

Think I should give up my day job and start studying to be a vet!

Any bunny rabbit owners out their on the Internet please get in touch and leave a comment. Let me know what you do re your pet rabbit and how much it costs to keep fleas at bay, including invisible fleas. And do indoor rabbits get fleas?

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