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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Holiday Cottage in Mumbles, stunning sea views from lounge, bedroom and garden

I met my friend at a craft fair a few years back. When I stayed at her beautiful cottage by the sea I was in total heaven. She used to take me on wonderful walks around Mumbles (Swansea) which is one place you have to visit as the sandy beaches are totally amazing. Mumbles (Swansea) is like New Zealand, so it is not surprising Catherine Zeta-Jones still comes home to visit. I actually saw Michael Douglas this year outside the children's outdoor swimming pool along the seafront near Mumbles. He was just going for a leisurely stroll.  When I was joking with my little girl he turned his head back and smiled.

Sadly my wonderful friend has moved back to England and is renting her cottage out as a holiday let by the sea. She has worked very hard on the cottage to get the 4 star grading. If you stay their you will not be disappointed. The views of the sea from the lounge, bedroom and garden are outstanding. And it is close by to Joe's famous Ice Cream. If you have not tried this Ice Cream yo have not lived! The best in the world! And that is coming from an English person.

I still cannot believe some idiot has stolen the Butterfly Lullaby fairy book she left for visitors to view at her wonderful holiday cottage. Honestly some people just have no morals!

Here is some video footage of my friends holiday cottage in Mumbles overlooking the stunning sea views from the front and back garden. Wish it was my home, the sea just blows away all your troubles and replaces it with pure tranquility:

http://www.cymylau.com/index.html   -   Tel: 07769 862 324

I hope you book my friends holiday cottage in Mumbles by the sea and you come and see me for some fairy magic!

I lived here in Swansea for three years before discovering the amazing Caswell Bay beach and Joe's Ice Cream.

Words cannot explain the excitement, I love New Zealand so finding this beach (Caswell Bay) was total heaven. Take a look at this link to a picture of Caswell Bay and you will understand why!


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Anonymous said...

Very detailed info. I am very happy to I found this entry.. :)

Fairy network work from home - Butterfly Lullaby said...

Glad you found the information on Mumbles interesting. I love Weymouth too with it's sandy beaches but I have to say Swansea is very much like New Zealand, the beaches are stunning! Wales is one beautiful place. And I feel quite sad that the Olympics are not held here as you cannot beat our beaches. And that is from an English person living in Wales who adores England too.

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