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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Welsh (UK) 4 year old children use knives and forks and eat peas / veg - please support Jamie Oliver so he can help children all over the world!

I would love Jamie Oliver to come to our Welsh school to see our little four year old children ask for peas! I work part time at our local Welsh School and one of my jobs is to lay out the knives and forks for all the children, starting from the age of four years old. They get given a good selection of vegetables, they have a salad bar, water, low fat milk and watered down fruit juice. The children love Ann's turkey curry with wholemeal rice.

After watching the programme on how Jamie Oliver hopes to change the eating habits of the American children (as he has done with our British children,) and how chicken nuggets are made "I am never, ever going to feed my child that rubbish again." Luckily she hates chips. Seeing what goes into chicken nuggets has put me off all ready meals, as you just do not know what is going into them. I feel very proud that my little girl loves Mum's homemade mash potato, peas, carrots and gravy. This is no ordinary gravy (it has goodness in it,) once tasted you will never go back again. Made the way my Nan showed me, even Ann our head cook at school was impressed. I will have to put a video on You Tube to show you how to make Nan's very, very, special gravy, which my little girl loves!

Here is a video dated 20 October 2009 from the Welsh Assembly Government who wanted to save our children and change their diet:

The one problem Mum's & Dad's (Mom's) are up against is time! Most Mum's have to work, their partners expect them to these days, which is fine if the man does his fair share around the house and they can still be their for their child (most important.) But lets face it not all men do a lot around the house! Mine most certainly doesn't! He seems to have a memory problem where he thinks the floor is the washing basket. It is too much hard work to actually pick up his clothes and put them in the washing basket, ha ha. You have to laugh as otherwise you would cry!

I personally feel I do not stop. If I am not working at the school, I am tidying up cleaning, washing, cooking, washing up, and having to cut the grass too (petrol mower, has to be seen to be believed.) I am reading with my little girl and trying to help her with he homework. I try to fit in my charity stuff around my Butterfly Lullaby business too. Relaxation, what is that? Some people if they don't want to do a job, they do it so badly that they do not get asked to do it again. I blame X-Box! He is addicted, but that is another story.

I wish their was a healthy meal you could just zap in the oven with no washing up etc. It is not about being lazy, it is about having the time to do everything yourself. I sometimes feel like a single parent so I understand what they go through. Today I am going to make change. No more ready meals. From now on all the meals my little one will get will be made from scratch. Time to get your apron on Mr X-Box as I am not doing everything all my self anymore!

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