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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Depression in children, do not give them medication, sort the problem out. And give them your time!


Last Sunday I read an article about depression in young children. I personally feel that no parent should give their child medication. Seriously, what is the medication going to do? Is it going to stop the way they feel or just numb their feelings, the problem is not going to go away and in adulthood who knows what mental health problems they could suffer. You as parents need to talk to your child and find out what the problem is and solve it. A child needs love and security in knowing that there is at least one parent at home who can take them to school and pick them up. School holidays are looked forward to as one parent can organise for friends to come round. Your time is more important than any money to a child!

We have the same problems with adults on medication for depression. It seems that anyone seen to be worrying about anything in life should be put on medication. It is normal to worry about certain things, everyone worries about something in their life. Medication is not the solution! What needs to be done is for whatever is making a child or adult so unhappy needs to be solved. The problem needs to be taken away.

I asked my little girl "would you rather have lots of toys, clothes and holidays, or have Mummy." Proudly she answered "Mummy." For me no money in this world could give my child the security she needs. Believe me it has been far from easy, financially we have struggled. But at least she knows I love her more than anything else in this world. Money can never replace her childhood. Call me old fashioned but I believe a child needs both parents to get them through life. If you read this sweetie pie when you are older, I want you to know that every sacrifice I have made was worth it!

Give your child breakfast in the morning in front of the telly. Pick them up from school. Be at home for them through the holidays. A happy child makes a happy adult.

I really hope for our children's sake that Mum's (Mom's) and Dad's will be able to work from home easily with no costs, so the children come first! They are our future!

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