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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Ignore the child bullies re free school dinners - School dinners are cheaper than packed lunch - I save £5 a week and as I work in the kitchen I know they are eating good fresh veg!

I used to send little Snowflake to school with a packed lunch, which was costing us a good £15 a week as opposed to £10 a week for school dinners - we are now saving £20 a month and I can honestly say she enjoys sitting down to a hot dinner. This also takes off the stress of having to find time to put the lunch together. I used to spend a good half hour every morning sorting out her pack lunch for school. We are also saving on evening meals now too. Think about it £2 a day is good value for a good healthy dinner and pudding!

The school canteens in Wales offer a great selection of vegetables, which I am going to show you using little Snowflakes illustrations later this week. You can see Moron, which is Welsh for Carrot above. I love the way Little Snowflake has made Moron into a vegetable Pirate to go with the Captain Jack campaign to promote school dinners. The vegetables are steamed and not boiled so all the goodness is locked in. How do I know this, well I work part time in the school kitchen. And I have to say how proud I am to serve the little kids peas, carrots, sweetcorn, parsnips and cabbage. Their is also a salad bar and fruit is available to those children who do not want a pudding. No salt is added to the mashed potato or gravy. Breakfast club the children have no sugar on their cereal either. Personally I think this health thing has gone to far and we all need a bit of salt and sugar in our food.

The turkey curry is a big hit with brown rice as well as Spaghetti Bolognese. The children also love just plain pasta with nothing on it, which we find a bit odd, but hey ho. When I get time I will take some pictures of the school food and add them to this blog. Don't forget when you support school dinners, you support Mum's like me that need a part time job to fit in with looking after their child. The more school dinners children have the more jobs available to Mum's so they can put their child first instead of having to put their job first.

If you work in a kitchen and have a tiled floor, which is very slippery and dangerous I cannot recommend the great value £10 (Product No. 53375) Peacocks shoes enough. They are not advertised as non slip, but really they should be as they are brilliant. We recently had the health and safety inspector round and she could have done with a pair as she nearly fell over and asked how we coped with the slippery tiled floor. We all said Peacocks shoes!

I would love to hear from parents to find out what vegetables their child likes and why. If you get time get them to draw me a picture of their favourite vegetable and add it to my Facebook group called Art and crafts peg dolls dolly pegs children crafts kids:


I was extremely sad to hear on the news that some children that have free dinners have been bullied by other children and made fun of. The cost of living is extremely high in the UK and lets face it jobs do not pay enough to give people the standard of living we should all be entitled to. Any person that works should be admired, and not made fun of because they do not hold the qualifications expected in today's society. Most people are lucky if they can pay their bills let alone anything else. It is a parents job to educate children to make sure they treat every child fairly so that race, background and a child's memory is not picked on! An excellent memory has a lot to do with how a child or adult progresses in life. My friend will tell you, she hardly went to school because she was bullied, but because of her amazing memory she passed every exam!

Talking to other kitchen staff from other schools amazes me how many children do not use the words please and thank you, and you are lucky to get a smile. When I get a smile and a please and thank you from a child it makes my day! Manners cost nothing. I worked as a PA to an Architectural Firm so I could have used my title as a way to be snotty and look down on cleaners etc, but I have been brought up to respect others as everyone is equal. People that do the horrible mundane jobs that no one else wants to are some of the lovelies people I have ever come across. These people have morals and are hard workers, they most certainly have my respect!

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