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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Tweet Tweet Facebook book brightened up a boring rugby evening England v Wales Feb 2011

Being artistic and creative watching sports to me is boring and dull. But I have to say last night watching England v Wales game was the funniest and most entertaining night I have had for a long time. Not because of the game or wanting England to win. But because my friend had left a message on her Facebook wall that she knew England would win, and what happened next was seriously funny.

Me in the picture below holding up the English Rugby flag in a Welsh garden for a giggle:

It all started with me reading my friends Facebook message saying how she was making stew. I messaged her and asked for the recipe and low and behold, result we get invited for dinner. Yippee I think no cooking and even better no washing up. So we turn up and eat the most amazing minted lamb stew ever and settle down to watch TV. Lovely soaps on, but my favourite, which I have missed for a good few weeks has been cancelled. How dare they cancel Eastenders for boring rugby!

My friends comment on Facebook starts with her being cheeky and saying how it's not worth watching the rugby as she knows England will win. She is a real bird twitcher and puts lots of different bird feeds on her neighbours tree, which she overlooks from her kitchen window. Her neighbour leaves her a message saying "Say bye bye little birdies, the tree is going!!"  Chrissie says lets tie my Welsh rugby flag to his kitchen window. I say no "lets tie it to his tree and take a picture and put it on Facebook." Like naughty little teenagers we sneak outside and tie the English rugby flag to the tree. Chrissie takes a picture of the English flag and puts it on Facebook saying "Oh dear. Something appears to have got caught in the tree..." One of her friends comments saying "That's not your knickers blowing in the wind again, is it Chrystie?" He cuts the flag down. Next thing we know their is a big fire in her garden on what looks like the flag. We are at this point in hysterics.

This leads to remarks by other Welsh friends saying how dare you fly the English flag in Wales treason! Chrissie decides to wind them up just a bit more by saying how she loves being English. Then she gets a reply saying why live in Wales? And how her neighbour has hired a van to take her back to England. Oh my gosh, if this does not make you giggle I don't know what will. Brilliant fun filled evening. Sorry can't say well done England (even though I'm English) for winning, for me it is not about who wins, it is about all living together and accepting peoples different cultures and enjoying each others company! I love England and Wales.

I love England because it is my old home, where most of my family and friends live. The Countryside is beautiful and clean. And one of my favourite places in England is the Upwey Wishing Well:

Why do the English love Wales? Talking for myself, I love the Welsh people and the beaches and ice cream here are just amazing! The Red Castle in Cardiff (Castell Coch,) I have called the Pink Castle in my story book Butterfly Lullaby is certainly worth a visit:

If you read the blog below you will see some beautiful beach pictures and of course
my favourite ice cream:

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