Sunday, 27 March 2011

ACEO art cards collage Butterfly Lullaby by Sharon J. Bainbridge - I was told my work would never appeal to the USA

Here are some of my ACEO's I created with a collage method using images from my Butterfly Lullaby book. I would like to sell them, but probably not worth it at the moment.

I was told my work would never appeal to the American people! Long story. But lets just say if one Borders shop can sell 27 of my books in one month it shows there is a market. And seeing my books advertised all over the Internet for big money new and used shows I am being taken to the cleaners and that is why I have had to put up with Cyber Bullies. Most people would give up. Especially as you need total family support, people that are going to help you. One thing I know and that is nationality also has a big part on how successful you can be in one Country. Everyone is different and you get these sort of problems worldwide. Wars have a lot to answer for, and people need to stop blaming ordinary people for what Governments do. Ordinary people have no say in what the Government does and we need to remember this! The thing I liked about the Royal Wedding was the fact that Williams bride included Britain as a whole not as individual Countries. I loved the way she included all the flowers from every British Country. If we are going to get out of this recession we need to all work together.

So here is an old video of some of my art cards I created from my Butterfly Lullaby book.

Here are some of my other ACEO's and artwork:

Below my handmade ACEO box I created from scratch. I have collaged the box using
images cut out from my Butterfly Lullaby fairy book. There is a handmade butterfly I
made out of shiny plastic on the front of the box. I would like to sell the ACEO art box too.

My life has been less than boring, which you can read all about on my Butterfly Lullaby blog. But one good thing is, I still know how to smile, laugh and have fun! One lesson I have learnt and that is the only person that can change your life is you, so don't ever give up!

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