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Thursday, 21 April 2011

I thought Andrew Lloyd Webber wanted to create a Butterfly Lullaby musical when the London Palladium called me

I had a call from the London Palladium yesterday, after years of problems stopping me from trading I had to ask if she had the right number. The lady on the phone praised my photography on my Butterfly Lullaby website and said my work was beautiful. BEAUTIFUL! That coming from the London Palladium I will take as a huge complement!

For a moment I thought why would they be contacting me. Does Andrew Lloyd Webber want to create a Butterfly Lullaby show with all the songs as a musical in the West End? I thought for a moment at all my hard work making all the fairy costumes and nagging my partner to create the songs with me for the Butterfly Lullaby story. And just for a minute I visualised sitting in the London Palladium watching the King Butterfly fairy sitting high in the tree singing our ORIGINAL Butterfly Lullaby song:

Then my dreams were shattered. How would you like to advertise in our brochure for the Wizard of Oz. £200 a month, which is a total of £400 for two months. I sighed and said I thought my luck had changed and told her my initial thoughts about the Butterfly Lullaby musical, we laughed. I then told her sorry, I have had four years of Cyber Bullying so it is pointless.

The fact is as soon as I nearly got to work with a famous man who has over 30 years in children's TV something very bad happened, which stopped me from trading completely. This was done on purpose!

I feel I am being bullied to hide my talent away. 3 million searches for Butterfly Lullaby and I am the founder says it all really. Borders sold 27 of my books in one shop in just one month in December 2007. They had 40 of my books. I only got paid for 10 books. Considering they went under in December 2009, and they ignored invoices back in 2008 for my books I think they sold them all. So you can imagine why I question book sellers selling my books for £85 new and offering 12 copies when they have not got them from me! When they suddenly disappear because they see your complaint, you realise that they are watching your every move!

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