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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Art of Kopparberg Pear Cider - their is only one! The wooden hand

My friend introduced me to Kopparberg Pear Cider a few years ago and I have to say for me this is the best Pear Cider on the market! It is sweet, fizzy, refreshing and the ideal garden drink for those lovely summer days and nights. Especially if you are like me and really object to housework on a sunny day! I could not take any old picture of the Pear Cider, it had to have that arty feel so here it is one can of pear cider being held by a wooden hand:

My friend Lyndsey popped round to see me yesterday afternoon and with her she brought her little drinky and I happened to have a couple of Pear Ciders in the fridge, so we sat outside for a few hours and relaxed. I have to say after doing the boring old washing, cleaning and other hum drum chores I was so relieved that she came round to see me as it gave me an excuse to stop and relax. We talked about how lucky we were to have such wonderful weather for April and May and what a difference it makes to spend time out in the sun.

She wants to emigrate to France, and I so wish I could go with her. The idea of outside living and just a walk away from the beach takes me back to my childhood. But that dream was shattered when I realized there is no way on this earth my child would want to change schools. And the most important thing for me is to put her first and that means having to sacrifice staying put. Don't get me wrong Wales is a beautiful place and I have many wonderful friends, but I will miss my dear friend Lyndsey as she always has time for me. And I just feel I have had nothing but bad luck living here. The only good thing that has come out of moving from England is that I have a child that adores me, and really I should just be grateful for that. But I want more out of life and need to know when I am no longer here my child will grow up with a less stressful life than me. Lets face it being working class really is no fun at all. It is boring, stressful, just thank goodness for small mercies and Kopparberg Pear Cider.

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