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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Britian's got talent family values? Family show?

Has the whole of Britian been taken over by aliens or are they all just popping happy pills?

I sat down last night for family viewing of Britian's Got Talent. And I was just horrified that a bunch of women wearing next to nothing and playing with fire is meant to be acceptable for family viewing! Let alone the Queens Royal Variety Show! Seriously would the Queen really be interested in this sort of thing, "I think not!"

What do you think the Queen would rather see a bunch of women teaching young children that this is how society expects women to be "cheap and tacky" or do you think she would like to see something like this?


The above Butterfly Lullaby show was performed by the Mark Jermin Stage School at my Butterfly Lullaby book launch back in 2007. They only had a few days to practice! I created all the costumes apart from the Queen Butterfly. This was a dress I hand painted and re designed to make it fairy like. The Butterfly Lullaby song I co wrote with my partner Jakson Lee. He was meant to sing live at the show but they did not have the correct set up for him to do so. All the fantasy fairy images in the background I created myself. And I wrote the Butterfly Lullaby fairy story.

My partner likes to watch Britian's Got Talent. For me all these shows are a joke. They are not searching for real talent it is all about making big money! That is why they interview everyone before showing the good and bad acts on TV. And I hate to tell you this people, when it comes to money family values are lost far behind. The big "S" word sells big time. That is why I doubt we will ever see any changes in our society. I worry about my little girl growing up in such a brainwashed world where women are not respected and lets face it a lot of them let them self down by doing what is expected of them by some men.

If you believe in family values leave me a message and I will add it to my comments. All spam gets deleted!

Don McLean really inspired me with his amazing TV interview the other night. I look forward to hearing his new songs, a man that is true to himself and his music. I wish him all the best fairy luck in the world and hope it brings changes to our music industry. I for one would like to see female singers wearing more clothing and focusing on their singing voice rather than anything else.

On a positive note I wrote a song yesterday for all us lost artists.  My partner is currently upstairs putting the words to music and vocals. Thank you Don McLean for bringing back hope and giving us a glimpse of what life should really be like!

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