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Monday, 9 May 2011

Daddy has ADHD like our pet rabbit Cindy Woo

ADHD is no laughing matter, but if you can't laugh you would end up crying. So we have to try and look at the funny side first, before talking about just how difficult it is living with an adult or child with ADHD, especially when it is so difficult to get help from the health system. This is no doubt down to how expensive medication is for ADHD! I was told one tablet is worth £100.

I have been living with my partner for over 10 years and if you live with anyone with ADHD you will know just how difficult and stressful it can be, he shows all the signs of someone with ADHD and even his Mother sent me down the doctors with him to get him checked. So I have been twice to see two different doctors. Sadly for my little girl nothing has been done about it. I say sadly, because it is no laughing matter when you are telling your child not to copy Daddy because his behaviour is not acceptable!

Like Cindy Woo our pet Bunny Rabbit manages to destroy things, so far he has broken six of my chairs. I find this upsetting as I treasure everything I have purchased and look after things as I know I cannot replace them. Maybe if I had some support I would be able to deal with it better, but it is not easy. Especially when you have to pay a Counsellor to tell him that he has to go to work.

I feel sorry for him as it must be hard having behaviour problems. But it is also very difficult living like this when you know what life used to be like without all the stress! I feel like a nagging old Mother, pick your socks up, don't do that, don't do this. In his defence he did earn £30,000 about six years ago with an energy firm. But with the cost of petrol these days it is impossible to bring in a decent salary, especially if you have to travel long distances as a sales person. He is very down and may even be suffering from depression as he is working for nothing. There is no magic rainbow only doom and gloom. The only people that win in this world are the rich and famous.

Yesterday he did try and teach our child how to play the piano. Ok so I did have to nag him to do it, but at least he tried. This meant the world to her so I will just keep nagging. Having a family that is together is very important to my little girl, she sees all her friends from split families and this worries her as it would any child.
Below you can hear my partner singing live at one of his gigs. Not his original song, but he has an amazing voice and when it comes to writing and recording songs he has a true gift, which I am very proud of.

I will be sending off one of his songs soon to Twilight as he has written and recorded an amazing vampire song. One thing that attracted me to my partner was his amazing talent for creating original songs and his beautiful voice. Just a shame he wastes his and our life away on X Box. Maybe one day he will grow up so we can all be proud of him for the true talent he is. Even my friend who is a big critic loved it. She knows talent, her sons God farther is Steven Balsamo who has an amazing voice and is also a great songwriter.

When talking to a Mother this week about her child who has ADHD, she told me it took her 9 years to get any help. That I find very sad as it is not only the person with ADHD that suffers but the family. And it must be very difficult for a child with ADHD as you are just classed as naughty if it is not diagnosed. Bit like naughty Daddy doing silly things.

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