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Monday, 30 May 2011

Don McLean there is no pain anymore for real music you just take a pill to make you happy

I watched a recent interview with Don McLean last night and it was so refreshing to hear his words of wisdom. There is no real pain anymore for real music, people just take a pill to make them happy. At last someone that is not brainwashed by society into thinking taking these pills are normal! And thankfully by being able to feel other peoples pain he was able to write amazing songs.

The song Vincent by Don McLean has to be one of the best art songs ever written. Pure poetry and meaning. He really studied the pain Van Gogh went through as an artist. My Nan used to have a print of the church by Van Gogh and an old boyfriend gave me the song Vincent when I was in my 20's. I painted a self portrait some years ago like Van Gogh. It is not perfect, but art is not meant to be based on perfection.

I never knew Don McLean was a Buddy Holly fan and that American Pie was based around his sadness of his idol dying. What an amazing songwriter! And I am glad he has managed to keep to his true self and not been changed by the music industry.

Don McLean is a man to admire. I really enjoyed watching his TV Interview last night. And his humour makes me giggle. He sang a song about getting old and how his looks had gone to hell.

But most of all I want to leave you with the words of wisdom from Don McLean "if you cannot feel pain you can't write real music." So stop taking the happy pills and do something about trying to change your life, accept the fact that life is not easy and the only one that can do something is you! If there is a real problem that is stopping you from moving forward I would go to your GP and ask for hypnosis to block this bad memory so you can get on with your life.

I want to share with you a poem my sister wrote based on how she has mirrored my Mother's illness and sadness. The poem was so amazing because it had real feelings and pain that I had to ask my partner to make it into a song. The music by Jakson Lee is good enough to be on a classical album and the words are just pure emotion. I leave you with the song Mother written by my sister Louise Bainbridge.

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