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Monday, 23 May 2011

Is religion dying out? You don't have to go to church to believe in God

I watched a talk show this morning about is religion dying out. My question is why do you need to go to church to believe in God? For me believing in God is to follow some simple rules and just be a good person, the 10 commandments are a good set of family values, but sadly even some religious people fail to keep them. You don't need a religion to believe in God! The following video I found interesting:

I guess I am one of those people that believes everyone is entitled to what they believe in as long as it does not harm another individual. Live and let live! For me God and science go together there is no wrong or right and it really does not matter. As long as people grow up with values and treat others with the same respect that is good enough for me. Although I believe in God I do not want people to force their religion on me. I believe in God but I do not practice it in church and truly believe my calling is to just be a good person and to try and help others if I can. I don't feel I need to go to church to believe in God and I expect there are a lot of people who think the same. Family values are very important to me and sadly I have been witness to some very big flaws from people that pretend to be religious that are clearly not following the rules. However, we just have to accept there are good and bad people in all walks of life and therefore we must not forget there are good church going people like my Nan. Bless her she got £13,000 in debt from helping others, and every penny got paid back.

When I was little my Mum tried to get me to go to Sunday school, I just was not interested. I would rather play with my friends and go on magical adventures in our big gardens than be stuck in doors learning about God. And that was the same for any sort of after school club which had a strict routine. My friends and I had the imagination and the freedom to go wherever we wanted and were lucky to have big huge gardens to go exploring. We were allowed to walk down to the beach and have a picnic of sweeties watching the waves as we planned out our next great adventure. I am so glad my Mother never made me go to Sunday school every Sunday as I would have hated it.

Having a child has brought me closer to God because giving birth to a life is something you just cannot take for granted. So many people are unable to have children and I nearly lost mine. I have a lot to be grateful for and it is really a wake up call to how life is so very important. Since moving to Wales I have saved my partner twice and my little girls friend from chocking on food. The first time I saved my partner from chocking was when I was pregnant. Can you imagine sitting at the dinner table on Christmas Day and seeing your partner struggling to breathe because they had swallowed the meat without chewing. I was so frightened I had no idea what to do. I did not know how to do the Heimlich maneuver  and even if I did can you imagine doing that when you are heavily pregnant. I  just made him bend down and swung my hand with great force to his back which thankfully made the food come out of his mouth. I sat there at the dinner table crying and thanking God for giving me the strength
 to save my unborn babies farther. My partner suffers from indigestion because he has a tendency not to chew his food very well and eats far too fast. So I was faced with saving his life the second time a few years later. Thankfully the forceful bang on the back with my hand moved the food and I saved his life yet again. My little girls friend had was eating a hot dog if I remember and she too had not chewed it properly she came running into the kitchen and I could see she was struggling to breathe so I carried out the same routine as I did on my partner. Thank goodness I was in the kitchen and managed to save her. It still brings tears to my eyes now, the shock and the worrying what if?  I was lucky. I would recommend anyone to research on how to save someone from choking as it is a frightening experience.

People need hope in their life and God gives you hope. I feel too many people blame God for the bad things that happen in our world instead of accepting that he put men and women on this earth to make their own way in life and sadly look at the mess we are in. I hope one day we will stop all these silly wars and learn to live together peacefully and help those who need our help the most. I hope my child grows up with less struggles than myself and meets a man that truly respects her as a human being rather than having to be some silly Barbie doll that feels the need to change everything about herself to please him. As that just is not real love!

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