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Friday, 6 May 2011

Mouse found in a bin bag field mouse or just a mouse?

This morning I went to put out the rubbish and found a little tiny mouse poking his little head out of the black sack with his tiny little ears and whiskers twitching. So cute! But boy has he been busy making a big huge mess. I keep all the rubbish in a wooden container in the garden away from cats.

As you can see in the video I had to grab the camcorder and film the little mouse escaping from the black rubbish sack. He jumped from the table like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible and headed towards the house. I managed to zoom in really close to the little mouse, first I thought he was a field mouse but my friend thinks he is just a mouse. Either way he is one cute little fellow. But I don't fancy him coming into the house and making a mess so we will have to be careful and make sure he is not breeding in my little wooden container. All the time I thought we had a big huge frog in the flower borders it was a mouse. So glad it was not a rat!

Feeling quite happy today as I feel I have made the right decision voting no for the AV (alternative vote) because we don't want the Country getting in more financial debt, as debt is not part of life and is not normal! I really hope that the Government try and help small businesses like mine with some free IT help so Mum's like me can earn a living from  home to fit in with our kids. The Internet is after all meant to be a place for everyone so lets get rid of the bullies.

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