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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Vampire lyrics ideal for Twilight film by Jakson Lee


I've been waiting here in the darkness
Waiting for you to appear
From the darkness
It's like a curse stuck in reverse
The heart of darkness
When I lay down it takes me to a place of madness
Girl what can I do to make you see
You wanna be free from this darkness that you lead
I've seen the light from the darkness
Hmmmm be kind to strangers
They may be angels in disguise
Girl what can I do to make you see ...........

Sorry can't give you the whole song or the whole lyrics. But you can hear Jakson Lee
sing part of this song with some clips from Twilight, what a brilliant movie:

If only Jakson Lee put as much effort into promoting his musical career as he does X Box. He has a unique gift. To be able to create all the music himself, the lyrics and put his own vocals to a song in my book is just outstanding! The lyrics to Out of the darkness for me are superb, he so deserves a lucky break!

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