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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

YouTube say no to risky music videos and other non family stuff

I just heard on the radio that YouTube do not want any risky music videos or the like on YouTube. I have to admit I am shocked at how far some singers will go to make a music video. What happened to admiring them for just their voice? YouTube have asked everyone to flag any music videos or the like that are not suitable for children. Brilliant! There is nothing worse than a child seeing a music video that looks more like adult trash! Lets hope TV viewing starts making the same changes. Time for family values!

Thank you YouTube! And thank you Google for putting families first.

Butterflies all having fun you know what I mean (Nina Simone a lady to respect and what a talent:)

Gladys Night and the Pips. This is how I remember music and music videos. Not like today. I love some of the songs, but the videos let them down they are tacky! Some lady singers today have no respect for themselves. Show your talent and stop showing stuff we really do not want to see!

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