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Thursday, 23 June 2011

Andrew Lloyd Webber does not have a mobile phone and neither do I!

I have something in common with Andrew Lloyd Webber and that is I do not use a mobile phone! When I watched Piers Morgans interview Andrew Lloyd Webber I was so thrilled to hear that this amazing man does not need a mobile phone. Brilliant - I no longer feel like I am the only one on the planet that hates mobile phones.

Why do I dislike mobile phones? When I spend time with friends and family I like to have their full attention. The beep, beep, ring, ring, checking messages just gets on my nerves. And I hate the idea of people thinking they can get hold of me wherever I am, I like to play hide and seek and disappear to the den down the garden with just the sound of the birds tweet tweeting. And when it comes to my child saying she wants a mobile phone because some of the spoilt children at school have one I can say sorry no way, Mummy does not have one so you sure as heck cannot have one! Lucky for me she agrees with me in that children do not need mobile phones.

This year Andrew Lloyd Webber made my day. I got a call from his advertising company who said they loved my Butterfly Lullaby website and thought my photography was amazing. I could have advertised in their Wizard of Oz brochure. Maybe next year, as I feel my luck is going to change! Butterfly Lullaby would make a beautiful musical, I wonder if I dream hard enough I can make it happen?

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