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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Film Trust - David Schwimmer stolen childhood educate family values through school

I saw a clip of the film Trust which was created by David Schwimmer. I really hope this film creates change in family life. We need to protect our children and educate them so they can protect themselves against this sort of thing ever happening to them. But we as parents need to stop making our children grow up too quickly! And that goes for schools too. I believe a10 year old child should not be going out in a limo with all their school friends to a prom. And as for s-x education, 10 years old is far too young to be teaching about that sort of thing and boys and girls should be split into groups not educated together! This gives children a signal that they are a grown up when really they are still very much a child and need to stop being pressured by society to be an adult. The clip below of David talking about how he has created this film for pure awareness brought tears to my eyes. I hope with all my heart that people will talk about this film, go and see it at the Cinema, which I am definitely going to do and tell everyone you know about how important it is we as parents talk to our children and protect them from a world that can be very cruel and very dangerous.

I am sending a big thank you to David Schwimmer for creating the film Trust and I hope with all my heart that this film will touch peoples hearts. To steel a child's childhood is a crime that can never be forgiven. The justice system needs to change and something needs to be done about website hosting companies with no family values, who in my view are not protecting our children! The computer should be in the lounge area so parents have more control and we need free IT help to educate us on how to keep track of what they are up to on line and how to block sites! A Mother has the right to say no to muck coming into the household! Parents need to sit down and talk to their child and explain why they are not allowed to go on Facebook, without scaring them too much. The Police Officer that came out to see me told me about a young 17 year old girl who befriended a man on Facebook, he obviously disguised his identity as a good looking teenage boy. This man took her life and did things to her that I cannot even bear to think about. I have come across some very nasty people in my life and that is why I take this sort of thing seriously. Don't give your child a mobile phone, this will distance your protection and you will lose control. I have gone one step better, I don't use a mobile phone (I have my partners old phone but I only use it when visiting family I love and respect. And I am really annoyed that the mobile phone company has sold on my number for lack of use because I cannot even retrieve my old family photos.) No mobile phone is going to protect your child. The peer pressure children have through school is not good and creates danger. Thankfully my child sees mobile phones for children as silly. And if Mummy does not have a mobile phone then why should I!

David if you read this post. Please try and do something about website hosting companies. If we can find hosting companies with real family values that do not host stuff that is not child friendly then we can change our society. Adult sites have a lot to answer for! I want my child to grow up and find a partner that respects her as a human being, so society needs to change!

When a child's childhood is stolen from them by some selfish disgusting adult, they never forget, this memory lives on and haunts their life forever and it destroys their very sole. It can even cause mental illness, which is a life sentence. The video below shows pictures of my sister and I as children. I have many happy childhood memories, but like most of us, I have very sad ones too. The sad memories have been used as a learning curve and given me knowledge that I have to protect my child. I miss my sisters smile! A stranger stole it from her, like a stranger stole my mothers childhood and left us children with an empty shell.  My sister has mirrored my Mother's illness because of one haunted childhood memory that will never go away. My hope for the future is that I will one day be in a position to erase that memory by paying for a top hypnotist to delete it for good, then she can live again and leave the past behind! (Don't buy the song Mother, long story!)

We live in a really strange world where children are told off for telling tales. No one likes a tale teller. Basically some people are teaching children that it is wrong to tell the truth. This really bugs me. Telling the truth is very important and can keep your child safe! Don't ever tell a child off for telling tales, because you will stop them from telling you what is really important. They will feel they cannot tell you when someone selfish and evil is trying to steel their childhood away. People tell me I am over protective with my child, but that is because I don't live in fairyland I know there are bad people and I will do all I can to protect her from the real world. One way to do this is to never put up and shut up and to fight back. I feel for people that are victims of abuse when it is not a stranger but someone they know as some family's would rather sweep it under the carpet and protect the abuser than give a shoulder to cry on for the victim. My advice to anyone in that situation is you can chose your friends but you can't chose your family. Let go of bad baggage. If someone loves you there is no way on this earth they would ever hurt you. Society makes us feel like bad people if we do not put up and shut up, the only way forward is to talk about things and demand change! Now go and make your child's childhood a happy one. Build a den in the garden, make some mud pies and show them what real childhood is all about. Learning about the birds and the bees should be learning about bumble bees that buzz from one flower to the next and little birds singing in the trees.

David Schwimmer is part of the Rape Foundation. He created the film Trust because two of his former girlfriends were victims of child abuse.


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