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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Teachers strike equality is a joke stop ironing his shirts

Good luck to the teachers for striking for human and women's rights on Thursday 30th June 2011. I know it is difficult for Mum's who have to pay for childcare, especially as wages are low and the cost of living is so high, but too many people put up and shut up. We will never get change if we do not fight for it! If women did not fight we would not be able to vote as we are today. And as for equality and women having to work until we are 68 years old. I want to see all women typing up an itinerary of what they do in one week compared to their husband or partner. I think you will find he gets a hell of a lot of relaxation time to you! Men will start outliving women soon as equality  has come with a price, women do far too much compared to most men! Ladies please stop ironing his shirts, and Mum's with sons "make them tidy up like you would girls." If you don't they will get nagged for the rest of their life and make their partner very unhappy!

Teachers have to train really hard to be a teacher and put up with a lot of rubbish. I personally think these School inspections put too much pressure on our teachers and the children, and that money should be spent on getting rid of asbestos in our schools as this is serious! My little girl hates reading, but her teacher is amazing! So I support her 100%. I know if her class was smaller she would be able to give my child the support she needs to progress with her reading. I most certainly would not want her job! And to put the icing on the cake her teacher gets moved to teach other classes due to cut backs! My friend is a teachers assistant and I cannot believe the jobs she has to do for a disgusting salary of only £700 a month. I will have to blog about this later. Seriously she has to teach kids how to swim with no training or pay increase. Guess it saves money and lets face it women should just put up and shut up!  Lets look back at history for a minute on how women made a stand for their right as human beings and got to the right to vote:

Only yesterday on the news there was a mention about further education and how it will help "BRIGHT" students. Well is it any wonder we have children growing up feeling they are not good enough. Bright students as they put it are lucky to have an amazing memory to absorb all the information. And no doubt have family that have lots of money, which of course helps as they do not have the stresses of life people without money have!

Thankfully after 10 whole years of nagging and Facebook. My partner has asked me to draw up a chore list. A) I think he is fed up with being nagged and B) I have explained to him how important it is that our little girl has a happy life and knows that she is not going to be a slave to anyone. I still cannot make out why it is so difficult for him to put his washing in the basket. His Mother tried to make him do it, but he finds the whole thing too difficult. And talking to other friends they have the same problem.

Women want equality but it comes at a big cost because not all men are good around the house and share half the chores. Lets face it ladies when we grew up the boys never did any washing up, it was always the girls that ended up doing everything. For me I used to get paid 50p a week to wash up and dry up whilst my sister got paid a £1 to sit there and watch me. Work that one out. Lets just say that  my Mother has been ill all my life and I did not want to cause her anymore problems so just got on with it. And as for my sister well she has had a tough life and I am ashamed to say I got spoilt by my real Fathers family and now I am all grown up I feel guilty that I did not stand up for her, so I am doing so now.

Ladies stop ironing his shirts, type up an itinerary of what you do every day and show him just how much time he gets to relax compared to you! And lets get some changes made so our little girls grow up and get the respect they should get from the man they eventually marry. Now I have had my moan for the day, I am going to go and plant some plants in my garden as that is the one place that blows all my worries away. Wish me luck with the lavatera, my friend thinks the soil in Wales is different to England and that is why they keep dying. I really hope it is just that I have purchased the wrong type of lavatera as this one is a perennial. And before I go, get your kids out in the garden and show them how to use their immagination and create adventures like we used to do. I loved making mud pies. X-Box and other games are not good for them.

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