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Thursday, 9 June 2011

Well done UK Government and Mummy Net our little girls can now be children

Last night after watching Britian's Got Talent I saw the news. And I have to say well done to to our Conservative Government, I am really proud of you for making this really important stand to protect our little girls from a trashy society. Also well done to Mummy Net  for fighting so hard to make this possible! Thank you.

As a Mummy surely we all want our little girls to have a normal happy childhood and to grow up and get nothing but respect from men when they are old enough to date. It breaks my heart to see my little girl pressured into feeling she has to act like a grown up and cannot wear certain things because her friends think it is childish. My little girl and I have built a den and a wigwham out of sticks down the bottom of the garden, because I want her to have the childhood I had. To experience the adventure and pure beauty of being a child. Making mud pies, getting dirty and making a big mess, is all the fun of childhood. Here is my little girl drawing a wonderful bumble bee on her wellington boots, which I cannot find. She refuses to wear the pink wellington boots because her friends think it is babyish!

Our children do not have the childhood we used to have. It is really no different today than it was back then, there were still bad people around but sadly no one talked about it. Thankgoodness for change.

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