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Sunday, 26 June 2011

Wimbledon - how martial arts Kempo stopped a big fight on the tube

When I lived in Wimbledon I look back with total respect for my ex boyfriend Scott and our friend Eddie who are both amazing at Kempo martial arts. We were on the Tube from Wimbledon going to Central London when a couple of guys started on Eddie and Scott for no reason. I think they must have been drunk or just general trouble makers. I stood back in amazement that neither one of them flattened these guys as they were both 2nd Dan black belts or even higher. Instead they just tried to calm the situation down. Very impressive! They have so much power and could have stopped these guys with one blow, but they didn't due to self control and discipline.

I have watched The Karate Kid 2010 twice now with my child, and the second time of viewing this amazing film my little girl said to me "Mummy, I want to be able to do that." I told her about the times when I was out in New Zealand and learned a little bit about martial arts. My boyfriend at the time was a Kempo Instructor at a Dojo and the only way I got to see him was by going to martial arts twice a week. But I actually began to really enjoy it. I know I only got up to yellow belt but I was only in New Zealand for seven months. Some women moan about their bingo wings, well I can tell you this really tones up your arms, big time! I am personally glad I have got to the age where it really does not matter anymore and I can finally be myself. But at the same time I think it is important I try and eat healthy and do some fitness as I want to be around for my little girl as long as possible and never be a burden. For me you don't bring children into the world to look after you in your old age! They deserve a stress free life!

I don't think they teach Kempo in the UK. So I have emailed Scott to see if I can buy a DVD and teach my little girl myself from home. I think it will be pretty cool as Kempo martial arts is so good for discipline and respect. There used to be a video of me practicing martial arts, but it has got lost from all the moves. It will not be the same as the beautiful Dojo in Browns Bay New Zealand with sea views, but it will be nice to do something together that we can both enjoy. What a shame I lost the video of me doing Kempo, she would have loved to see her Mum strut her stuff.

Some of the moves have been coming back to me, I made my little girl and her friend giggle yesterday when I showed them how to do a power punch. It is all in the flick of the wrist. Guess it is a little bit like riding a bike.

I miss my New Zealand friend Cathy who I used to do Kempo, Martial Arts with, I wonder where she is today? Scott was also one of my best friends. Even though we were together for eight years it was never meant to be and I can honestly say hand on heart I have no regrets. He taught me that some men can date a women purely for friendship and that is something I will always be proud of.

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