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Saturday, 30 July 2011

Endangered butterflies: Meadow brown, Gatekeeper, Holly blue and Skipper butterfly all live on the Bont school butterfly meadow

I have just had a message from Fairies World sending me a link to a BBC article about endangered butterflies. I will share the link with you in a minute. But first lets just recap. Some butterflies recently regarded as common species are now believed to be joining the list in need of protection. Including the Meadow brown, Gatekeeper and Holly blue. Well here are our pictures of these three butterflies on the Pontarddulais Primary School butterfly meadow. Also note the Skipper butterfly I photographed which looks very much like the Lulworth Skipper which is most at risk and needs saving!

See for yourself and read the BBC article about endangered butterflies. What I really want to know is why Marks & Spencers and the Butterfly Conservation are not giving Pontarddulais Primary School the help and support they need to save this amazing butterfly meadow?


Here is the article about the most at risk butterflies including the Lulworth Skipper butterfly which looks very much like the one I photographed on the school butterfly meadow:


Help save Pontarddulais Primary school field
Please let me know you have joined by leaving a comment on my blog. Thanks.

And if you love butterflies please forward this blog to everyone you know. We need as much support as possible for the little people of this world! Our children deserve to play in a butterfly meadow and play sports on their sports field! Stop steeling their childhood!

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