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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Marks & Spencer save our butterflies from selling plants - but cannot help save a school butterfly meadow

Marks and Spencer are advertising to save our butterflies by selling plants in their stores, which will help the butterfly population. I thought to myself, great here is a company that cares, so I emailed them and asked if they would sell the below Postcard to save Pontarddualis Primary School butterfly meadow and playing field, which would save our butterflies. The Postcard has the Facebook Group on it, which is called Help save Pontarddulais Primary School Field. Sharon and Angie are running this group, so please join and support our cause. All money my end would go to the school, less printing costs. My £350 month salary does not cover all the bills so all I can do is give my time. The butterflies on the Postcard are from the school butterfly meadow. The sad thing is Marks and Spencer's said they cannot help local causes, but I should try their local branch. I thought saving our butterflies was a worldwide thing?  One branch is not going to be able to raise the money we need! And my last experience with a local Asda was very disappointing. They managed to lose the charity box for Cystic Fibrosis and offered no donation for this charity as an apology. It seems these big companies have lost their way, there heart is just not in it! Money is obviously their main priority.

I am a Mum who has been researching butterflies for eight years now in Wales. Six years we only had cabbage butterflies where I live. Last year my prayers were answered and I got to photograph some really beautiful British butterflies. I would like to share my findings with you and just say this is all thanks to Pontarddulais Primary School Butterfly Meadow.  Here is the Peacock butterfly, Red Admiral butterfly and other little creatures from our Butterfly Lullaby garden last year (2010.) I also got to photograph the Red Admiral and Tortoiseshell butterfly as well as the Large white. And video the Comma and Tortoiseshell which is on another video.

This year when we found out our local school field and butterfly meadow was going to be sold off for housing, I knew I had to do something because I did not want to lose our butterflies again and it is so important children grow up playing on grass instead of concrete. I understand the Council need money. So that is why I want to try and raise the money with this Postcard. I took my camera down to the meadow and managed to photograph my first butterfly cocoon. Here are some children running through the butterfly meadow in search of butterflies. Parents love to walk through this meadow to school and back again with the kids. It is so much nicer to walk through grass than on concrete. Mothers even sit on the grass after school while the children play in the long grass flower meadow chasing the butterflies.  And the sad thing is this could be this schools last sports day. The children did so well with their football, so where is their support for being good kids? The naughty kids seem to get it all, taxi to school and free days out. I would like to see the Welsh School Bryniago share Pontarddulais Primary school field and butterfly meadow like they used to. And if anyone would like to help me translate my blogs into Welsh I would appreciate some help. I know a few Welsh words, but would love to speak it so I can translate my blogs to Welsh.

Here are just some of the butterflies we photographed on the school butterfly meadow. My friend photographed the Holly Blue butterfly. I was so disappointed that I did not manage to capture this beauty on film. But so proud of Chrissie for overcoming her fear of butterflies in the hope to save our school butterfly meadow. She is scared of the butterflies fluttering. I got to photograph the Large Skipper, Green-veined white, which I used as the fairy in the postcard, Meadow Brown, Speckled Wood and Gatekeeper. There was a huge Large White that flew above us one day in the school butterfly meadow, looked like two big butterflies together it was so big.

I saved two Tortoiseshell butterflies this summer. One at my friends house who is scared of butterflies and the other that got trapped in our house.

Here is a video about how Marks and Spencers are helping save our butterflies:

I found this video on Marks and Spencers. You can make up your own mind. I don't know a lot about what is going on in Israel. But I just wish all these guns and fighting did not exist. As a Mother who has given life to a child, how can anyone take someones life away? Maybe men need to start giving birth so they know the importance of life and how important it is to stop all this fighting and make our world a better and happier place. It is time to start talking and stop fighting. We need some good women in Government worldwide who appreciate human life and our environment! I still remember that awful day when the twin towers got hit. That was so wrong! I believe in God, but I don't go to church because I do not believe in religion. It speaks for itself! God does not cause all these problems it is down to the people. You cannot get a more man made religion than the Mormon one. Sorry but a man is allowed to have how many wives? Obviously not everyone follows that rule look at Donny Osmond, lucky wife to have a man so faithful.

I expect all the big companies will give a big no to selling the postcard for our local school. So I have one thing to say to you all "may God forgive you, as you know not what you are doing!" If big companies stopped being so selfish we would not be in a recession. As lets face it they make massive profits, but when it comes to paying good wages they fall short! And frankly I am better than you all, because I have given my time on a low salary of £350 a month in a world that has no idea what teamwork is and needs to wake up. Thank goodness for Google that is all I can say.

And I leave you with Jack Black singing: War what's it good for? Absolutely nothing! That is one man that really makes me giggle. I adore this version of Gulliver's Travels! And him singing this song makes such an impact. Maybe they should play it when Countries fight so they start dancing instead of fighting!

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