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Sunday, 17 July 2011

Teachers present porcelain cup with Thank you for being my teacher

It's that time again - Teachers present! I wanted something personal and very special for my little girls teacher. Sadly she only got to teach her for half of the year, but for me as a parent I feel so blessed that my little girl had her as a teacher because she put a big smile on my child's face and made going to school fun!

In my little girls school report her teacher wrote, "you will definitely have a career in art and design as you are a very talented little girl." So I picked Little Miss Tea Party, one of my little girls designs and put it on a beautiful porcelain cup (mug.) The teachers cup says "Thank you for being my teacher." Oh look it has the word tea in Teacher.

It means so much to read the words "I am only sorry that I got to teach you for half the term!" That makes me very proud as a parent.

Children have the ability to create amazing pieces of art. Why not get your child's art on a tea cup as a personalised present for their teacher. It will be something their teacher will remember them by forever! If you want to know where I got this tea cup printed leave me a message in the comments. No need to sign in!

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