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Saturday, 13 August 2011

August 2011 Riots in England - children need discipline and hope!

I have been listening to BBC Radio 2 for the past two days to find out the news on the riots. Listening to Police Officer Norman Brenning, he made a very good point saying that a lot of us have come from Council Estates because of lack of money, and never, ever did what some of these teens and adults have done. I know plenty of people that have had really tough, sad childhoods but still come out the other end as good, honest, hard working citizen. I personally don't want to see guns and knives on our streets! I would like children to grow up respecting our community and taking pride in it. No more rubbish in the rivers etc!

I just found this video on You Tube. It reminds me of the days when I used to work in London and travel back to stay with my Nan. I  used to walk to and from my Nan's in Farningham through Eynsford to Eynsford Train Station every day to get to work. Quite a walk in high heels! My wage was only £25 a week. I worked long hours, up at 6.00 am and back home at 7.30/8.00 pm if I was lucky. But I was determined to get the wage promised to me if I worked hard, which I did. I look at Eynsford and compare it to where I live now and feel quite sad, that the respect for our river is not the same here by the young kids, teens and some adults. Sad that our community had to get together to clean our river out and they still go on throwing rubbish and destroying things.

I have borrowed some pictures from the Internet of Farnigham Village. Hopefully if I can ever get my partners old phone working I will be able to retrieve photographs of the village I took a few years ago. My Uncle had a family Butcher Shop in the village called Eddie Bainbridge Family Butchers. Sadly he died of cancer this year.

The moral to this story is that I would like children to grow up with morals and discipline. It would be nice if they took pride in their community and kept it clean. Rivers are beautiful places there is no excuse to throw rubbish in and spoil it for the whole community. I really hope the local school sports field and butterfly meadow will be saved. The butterfly meadow could teach children the value of life and our environment by letting them breed butterflies, study them and set them free! Children need discipline and hope! Note. The Large skipper I am sure is actually the Lulworth skipper a rare butterfly!

Reverent Richard Taylor also made a good point. He has saved 75% of offenders from drug related crimes. I feel prison is just a holiday camp, especially as they get XBox and drugs. They would be better off having the bible bashed at them and their drugs taken away. I think it is worth a try as he obviously knows his stuff!

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