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Monday, 1 August 2011

Help wanted to save butterfly meadow on school grounds and advice on planting

Any help and advice on trying to save a butterfly meadow on school grounds would be most appreciated. I am looking for people who are experts on Butterfly Meadows and know what wild grasses and flowers attract butterflies, and which ones are on the school butterfly meadow. For me personally the evidence is there from just finding the butterfly cocoon on the long grass on the school butterfly meadow. And of course all the amazing butterflies we got to photograph, Meadow brown, Holly blue, Gatekeeper and rare butterfly Lulworth skipper, which the media are telling us to protect!

A charity that wants to save butterflies should be doing their utmost to help save a very important school butterfly meadow, so although the head office cannot help we will see what the local office has to say! The school butterfly meadow is the ideal place for butterflies because there are no harmful pest control products used on the meadow for child safety reasons. These products kill caterpillars and other important wildlife!
I have been trying to get in touch with Matt Rowlings who has a website on European butterflies, but cannot access his email address. Can anyone help?

I found a very interesting website, which recommends butterfly meadows should be cut end of October so the flowers self seed. Also mentioned the wild grasses are food for the Skipper and Meadow Brown which have been found and photographed on the school butterfly meadow.

Butterfly Meadow - don't cut until end of October

I will be back with photos of the flowers and grasses and see if you can help us with information about them. If you love butterflies please add me as your friend and together we can bring back and help protect the beauties of Mother Nature the butterfly!

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