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Friday, 12 August 2011



Rhedodd Little Berry tu allan i'r ysgol crio. Gwaeddodd hi "peidiwch â gwerthu ein hysgol ddôl glöyn byw." Ailadrodd y geiriau hyn drosodd a throsodd tan ei diferion dagrau wedi dioddef llifogydd ei llygaid y gallai mwyach gweld. Fel ei breichiau cyffwrdd y glaswellt hir a blodau gwyllt ei bod yn teimlo ymdeimlad o rhwydd. Edrych yn ôl ar ei ffrindiau a oedd hefyd yn crio, fe fuodd hi'n am eiliad a dechrau sibrwd "peidiwch â phoeni fy ffrindiau glöyn byw, byddaf yn arbed.

Gweledigaeth o liw ysgubo y ddôl gan fod y glöynnod byw cylch y ferch fach ac yn hedfan o amgylch ei un ar y tro. Mae hi'n dechrau teimlo'n benysgafn ac yn colli ei statws. Yn sydyn roedd yn unrhyw le i gael eu gweld

Mae'r plant yn rhedeg ar y ddôl i chwilio am ei, galw ei henw. Ond gallai nid sibrwd neu unrhyw symudiad cael ei glywed. Yna, cyn eu llygaid yn gweld miloedd o ieir bach yr haf yn ymddangos o'r glaswellt hir. Roedd fel pe baent yn tynnu rhywbeth. "Nid yw hynny'n rhywbeth Ocean cried sy'n cael ei Berry." Beautiful ochneidiodd Holly gan ei sylwi oedd y blodyn Blackberry Berry gwisgo gwisg yn awr

Gan fod y gloÿnnod byw Berry hedfan yn uchel uwchben y glöyn byw ysgol ddôl, ei hadenydd gwyn newydd shimmered yn y golau a chwerthin hi "gallant gymryd ein dolydd glöyn byw, ond ni fyddant yn dinistrio ein ieir bach yr haf." Oddi ar y maent yn hedfan yn gadael y lindys a'r wyau ieir bach yr haf y tu ôl iddynt.

I would like to give a big thank you to Joshua a school teacher in Wales for translating my story into Welsh for me. Joshua teaches Welsh in an English school. All I need now is for someone to speak it. I very much hope to learn Welsh, but need a lot of support as I do suffer from dyslexia and find English difficult, but I get by. One thing that would make me really happy would be to see the local Welsh School and English School sharing their sports field and butterfly  meadow like they used to. And the Welsh children helping the English speaking children to speak Welsh! The English School does teach Welsh too.

I have managed to learn a few Welsh vegetable words and one of them is moron, Welsh for carrot. My little girl has drawn some amazing little vegetable pirates for me to help me learn Welsh. I find putting drawings to words easier to learn, because it is fun. Maybe someone could help me out with little Welsh voices?

Here are some more of my little girls drawings, which I would love to animate with Welsh words like Moron the Welsh Carrot. I believe with help and support I could create something amazing with children's drawings and voices. Bryniago School needs a new canteen, it would be wonderful if these little characters and others could achieve that for them. If I could only get the support, like Joshua has shown me. He thinks it is amazing that I wish to learn Welsh.

The little story School children cried don't sell our butterfly meadow is a not for profit story in the hope our children get to keep their sports field, and butterfly meadow and of course learn about butterflies and bumble bees and how important they are. This year we have photographed a butterfly cocoon on the meadow and lots of different butterflies, even some rare ones. I believe the large skipper is actually the Lulworth skipper, which needs protection.

With all the riots in the UK by young teens and adults I think it is very important our children grow up having a real childhood and values. Most children are not allowed out these days for safety reasons, so that is why they need sports fields and butterfly and bumble bee meadows. The sports field gives those children who struggle in class a chance to shine with the sports they are good at. Instead of feeling useless by our society, which sadly can happen for those who cannot keep up with other children in the classroom. I have a little girl who hates reading, but she is one amazing little artist. I would like to see more art in school to help her to shine too. This is important as I did have to get her moved to another class and thankfully the stress and unhappiness was taken away. So doing the little Welsh to English project would help her too, learning a fun way. The butterfly and bumble bee meadow shows children not to be afraid of pretty insects that we so need in our environment to keep our big world ticking. They should be breeding butterflies, studying them and setting them free onto their butterfly and bumble bee meadow. This will give them some sense of importance and maybe then they will grow up and think twice about destroying our world. We all need hope, and sadly for people who struggle in school that is taken away from them, because if you don't pass your exams you are not accepted by society as a hard working or one world I hate "bright" person. Well I have no exams, not one. This is not because I am lazy. This is because my Mother has been ill all my life, in and out of hospitals and I suffered very badly with Asthma, lots of time off school. When I was at school they had some strange way of teaching reading and writing, I think they called it ITA or something like that. Basically it put me well behind and having dyslexia did not help either, in those days it was not recognised.  My message to children today, is never give up. I own my own home because I worked damn hard to achieve what I have in life. I worked my way from receptionist to MD's secretary, through pure hard work and determination. And lucky for me I had a boss that saw the fight in me to achieve and gave me that opportunity. This is what is lacking now in our World the chance to achieve with no qualifications! The one thing that holds me back now, which I am proud of is my little girl. I want to be the best Mum she can have, so that is why I have made a sacrifice to be at home and just do a part time job until I can get myself off the ground when she is older. Then hopefully I will be able to help others get on their feet with jobs that have struggled at school and don't have qualifications, but lots of talent which needs to shine. For our children to grow up happy I believe Mum's should have more opportunities with well paid jobs working from home. So they can be there for their children and give them the love and support they so need. When families split up it does effect the child, but sometimes it just cannot be helped and for all those single Mum's and Dad's I hope you are getting the support you need, as you deserve it!

Before I go, if you believe children deserve a real childhood and a sports field. If you would like them to grow up learning about the importance of nature, instead of destroying things. Please join the Facebook group called Help save Pontarddulais Primary school field

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