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Monday, 19 September 2011

School inspections stress teachers and children - scrap school inspections!

Friday I went to a council meeting about saving our green land in the fight for our local school field and butterfly meadow. I want to ask you what was your school life like? And how is your child coping with school? Please leave me a comment below! I am going to attach a few website links for you to look at that state that teachers are under a lot of stress because of school inspections, so if teachers are stressed how exactly do you think this effects our children? In my view we need to scrap school inspections and give our children back their childhood! Our schools and teachers need support! We also need to make it easier to get a job. Not everyone is capable of getting qualifications and some jobs just don't need them. The salaries for working class people are disgusting!

Inspection pressure drives teacher to suicide

I would say most children at some point in their life will not want to go to school. Might be because they are struggling with their work, or that they are being bullied. We need to make school more fun by getting rid of inspections. We also need to make it easier to get a job. I cannot believe their is a qualification for cleaning!

Copying at school is seen to be a crime. People do not copy for the fun of it. They copy because they are struggling and need help! I copied because I was off school so much with Asthma it held me back, they also taught ITA which totally threw me, especially as I am dyslexic! My Mum was always ill, hence having to get my breakfast at 6 years old and walking an hour to and from school.  I did not want to be made fun of for being stupid, or told off for not doing my work by the teacher so copying was my only escape! Sound familiar?  Even today some people go on about the bright children and the ones that are not so bright. Seriously no wonder our world is full of bullies! My little girl was sadly made fun of by some of the children in her old class for getting something wrong. I had to get her moved! Long story but lets just say when I told her old teacher she was stressed out he said "he was stressed." That teacher has now left. And I feel quite sorry for him as he was obviously effected by the very stressful school inspections. And lets face it teachers and TA's pay is very poor for what they have to endure. Now they want to cut their pensions?

Lets look at bullying! Both my cousins little girls were bullied. The eldest refused to join the bullies so ended up getting bullied herself. The youngest little Jodie who has Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes got bullied by a girl in class and this girl stopped children befriending little Jodie. How the school did not support this poor little girl is beyond me. Maybe they were concentrating too much on the school inspections? My Mother hated school her teacher was really mean to her and made her school life hell. That on top of the evil neighbour was enough to throw my Mother over the edge and she has not been the same ever since. My sister hated school too and hardly ever went. She was very capable of passing her exams but they refused to let her take them because of the amount of school she had missed. My brother well he got picked on and bullied because of his colour. We have mixed blood and he looks more foreign than any of us. I have friends that were bullied at school and missed school but because of their ability to absorb information like a sponge they passed every exam. When I was around 13 I stood up to two girls who kept bullying a girl with red hair. I think they were shocked that little old quite me had the front to do or say anything. The bullying stopped. My little girl was bullied by a friends son at the age of 3 years old. The other son told my friend that his brother was picking on my little girl and she told him off for telling tales. What can you say for some reason even in families the victim is always the one that gets picked on for trying to stand up for themselves.

The Government need to recognise that all children are different. One child can read at four years old and another may take a lot longer. You cannot push a child to learn and leave school with loads of qualifications to get a low paid job. Please tell me who invented the qualification for cleaning and how much was spent on this?

Even child minding is a complete nightmare these days. Seriously the amount of paper work you have to do for the very poor salary. You cannot compete with looking after one child for less than £2 an hour after school. Because schools charge £5 for two and a half hours. I have saved my partners life twice and my little girls friend once from chocking. I did not need a qualification for common sense. Soon Women will have to get a qualification to give birth. The Government are putting people out of work because they expect too much from people who are not capable of achieving all these qualifications. You don't need qualifications for every single job!

It was worth attending the meeting on Friday because I found out 600 letters from Pontarddulais alone had been sent to the Council stating that they did not want to lose the school field. The council members did not want people to repeat questions so when my friend mentioned how important our green fields are for nature I was stuck as all holiday and before I had been gathering evidence of butterflies on the field. I have to say her speech was very good, but then she was a teacher! Here are some butterflies found on the school butterfly meadow. The Large Skipper is actually the Lulworth Skipper a rare butterfly!

When it comes to speaking in public I have to say I am not very good at all at getting my point across. I much prefer to put it all down in writing. I was all set to talk about the decline in butterflies, but seeing as my friend had covered the whole of this subject I had to think about the other benefits the field offers. One big one for me is that the school meadow and field gets my little girl to school happy. Fact is she loves school when they are doing art and having fun outside. But she tells me she struggles with all the other stuff and as a Mother I have to listen to my child and try to find a way to make things better for her. I feel really lucky that she had a lovely female teacher for half the year last year. And this year she has another amazing teacher and she is enjoying his class because he is fun.

Although I already knew that Welsh Schools get more funding than English schools in Wales, it was nice to hear this first hand from a Welsh person. And you can't blame them as they were made to speak English years ago. My Nan was mixed race and made to sleep and eat in a shed by English people. Her Grandmother refused to take her and her brothers on when her Mother took her own life to save theirs. So please think before you punish an English person as we are not all the same! Out of interest has any English person living in Wales got turned away by International Business Wales?

I believe Wales has better values than England as they give free prescriptions to those that need it. Also they are not expecting our students to get in loads of debt for wanting to go to University. But one thing I do ask is that people that have worked hard to buy a house and then had a child need support. Especially when they have been miss-sold on a house and want to be the best Mum they can by only doing a part time job and trying to earn a living from home with the Internet. There are a lot of bullies in our world and Cyber Bullies are the worst, free IT help is essential in the world we live in today!

School fields and green areas promote health and happiness

Take a look at this website where the doom and gloom city full of just gray makes you feel miserable. But once the flowers, birds singing and greenery is brought in you feel so much more happier. Green areas are very important for our health and well being. Don't our children deserve happiness, and don't they deserve to keep their school field and butterfly meadow!

Green areas brighten up your day

Here is a website that states that children are being pushed to learn. Very interesting read:

Children are pressured to learn

When my farther told me about hypnotherapy I laughed and really did not believe that anything could help me get rid of a painful memory and get my confidence back. If I had the money I would most definitely pay for my Sister and Mother to have hypnotherapy and believe 100% that this would cure their illness.

I found this hypnotherapy clip on You Tube. The sound of the sea is an amazing healer. It takes you to the place where you want to be. Lets face it if everyone had no stress and worry in their life the happy pills would be out of business! I believe if you have a problem you have to fix it. Just like the song theirs a hole in the your bucket! For me personally I found seeing a hypnotherapist more beneficial than listening to CD's. But this was relaxing!

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