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Monday, 31 October 2011

Actor Michael Sheen backs school field save butterfly meadow and sports field

Firstly I would like to say thank you to Philip Downing and Jane Harris for handing over 600 individual letters of objection to the County Councillor. And to all the Mum's that went round getting everyone to sign the petitions. They have worked extremely hard and deserve a mention.

BBC News article 26 January 2011 - Councils in Wales spend an average £604 less on each pupil compared to councils in England, new figures show. I have been told by many people that English schools get more money than Welsh schools, and Welsh speaking schools get more money than English schools in Wales. I believe all our children should be treated as equals.

The Pontarddulais primary school field is the only one left in the Bont. And it used to be shared with the Welsh school. You only have to look at the Rugby and the fact that English schools are getting paid more than Welsh schools to see this big problem, which already affects children's lives.

If the Council build on the school field it will make it unusable and the children will not be able to have sports on the field as it will water log the rest of the field at the top. My friends have purchased houses in the Bont and all their gardens are flooded due to poor drainage. Not enough land to soak it up.

The Water board have sent a letter to explain that it cannot cope with more houses coming to the Bont and it will result in pipes breaking and it could cause flooding and death.

We need to teach our children the true values of sharing and nature, and to help each other learn the Welsh language by mixing together. My friends husband was Welsh born but because he does not speak Welsh he cannot leave his job and get a new one. Hitler was not a nice man, but German people should not be made to suffer because of his actions. And neither should English speaking people who had nothing to do with what the rich people have done to Wales.

If you would like to see pictures of the fantastic butterflies found on the school butterfly meadow go to the Facebook group HELP SAVE PONTARDDULAIS PRIMARY SCHOOL FIELD

Here is the article in the Evening Post. I hope all the people that worked so hard to try and stop the selling of the field get their names mentioned as all I did was take photographs of butterflies on the field with other Mums and write to Michael Sheen:

I would like to say I have many wonderful Welsh friends and the community in Wales has really welcomed me. But we do need to talk about the differences between England and Wales so our children can grow up with true morals and values. It is good to share!

And of course it goes without mentioning that without Michael Sheen's kind letter of support to our children, this article would probably not have got in the paper. He is so busy like everyone else but he still gave his time to give our children hope. Michael Sheen is an amazing actor and someone the Welsh people must be so proud of. I know I am and I am not Welsh. I don't know that many good men but Michael Sheen I have to say is one of them. Thank you so much!


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