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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Cancel Christmas 2011 only buy for your child!

If your family and friends care about you, and can see you are in a financial mess they will take the stress out of Christmas and tell you it is ok to opt out and cancel buying Christmas presents.

Of course you cannot cancel a child's Christmas so just buy for them. Boot fairs are great for bagging a bargain. You can even make things like I have. Old tights make great toys.

Last Christmas I tried to make my little girl a Toothless the dragon toy. Ok it is not perfect. But she loved it. I even made her a Toothless mask which also looks sweet. Cindy Woo our pet bunny rabbit enjoyed taking a bite out of Toothless just to show him who is boss.

I made her a White Puffle too. Below I have given instructions. No doubt cheaper to buy the original little puffle's, but I had all the stuff at home so it was worth my while.

You can even get the kids to make their own little Christmas tree decorations, which are not expensive to make. And great fun!

Just take a look at this amazing snowflake my little girl created.

Here is my little girl singing her Little Snowflake song. Get your child to sing a song and send it to the Grandparents. They will appreciate that more than any present. You can borrow a camcorder! And the Library have computers to email it.

You can make clothes for your child's toys. Buy some second hand Sylvanian families.
Die them black like our pet bunny rabbit Cindy Woo with food colouring. They take a long time
to dry so best start now.

Cut up some old scrap pieces for your child to make Sylvanian families costumes. I just love the costume my little girl created below for her white rabbit. The little butterfly masks are cute too.

You can even personalise a cheap t-shirt with your child's drawings.

You can also add your child's drawing to a tea cup with their name on it. If you have the money it makes a lovely present for Mummy or family.

If your child loves art. Get them creating little ACEO's. They can create their very own art collection with it's own box.

This is how you make an ACEO art collection box.

There is too much pressure on families these days to fall in to what is expected of them. Show you really care by taking that stress away from loved ones that need love and support not pressures of buying Christmas presents for everyone when they really are not earning enough money to do it!


Eight years of wondering why the house has so many problems and I find out this year there used to be a river running through the garden that flooded the house. It was concreted over and the house was made to look like new. At least I can sleep at night knowing I will not pass this problem onto some other poor family! My partner is to be made redundant soon, don't you love big, wealthy companies with no family values. He can't get any gigs because he is English living in Wales. Why do I think that, well my Uncle went into our local pub and asked do you support local acts. They said yes! As soon as he mentioned we were from England the subject was dropped and never spoken about again! Thanks to our wonderful Country my little girl lives in a damp house with Asthma. And because I own my house I am entitled to no help. My salary is less than £400 a month.

When you have a child it really opens your eyes to the sad world we live in and how we need change and compassion. There are plenty of rich and powerful people who could make changes but do nothing. The Government have the power and should start by treating Scotland, Wales and England as a team. Working together to make Britain Great. Treating everyone as equals. I am shocked that English Schools get more money than Welsh Schools, and that they give English Schools in Wales even less. Seriously what sort of message is this showing our children and no wonder we had riots in England. Children are being taught to be bullies because there is no equality. My Nan was made to sleep and eat in a shed because she was mixed race and not born in England. Her farther was English born and died because of neglect in the war hospital. I do feel for people who are not white in colour. But even when you are white you can get picked on for being English. Why people blame English people for what our Governments have done is beyond me.

Have you seen Ms Scrooge. Amazing film. Reminds me of the Queen of England. Long story! The one thing I loved about this film is when the Vicar spoke about how people in hell could not eat because the forks were too big. But in heaven people fed each other so they never starved. I believe in God but not religion. Religion is very much man and that is why there is so much fighting and hate.

I have no idea how the UK can sell off loads of school fields and punish our children further. What I have found so far is that rich and wealthy people love to say no. It is their favourite world! I wonder if I can find a rich person who has real compassion? Sadly I believe money has blurred their vision and they just don't care.

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