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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Punished for being English poor Great Britain

My Uncle told me when he went to Scotland the Scottish supported every Country except England.

Here is a video about how English people are Germans and the Welsh people are the real British people.

The UK sports shows all the problems with England, Scotland and Wales. Well done Wales with winning the latest Rugby match.

As a Mother I would like people to think about our children and to stop brainwashing them with past history, which has nothing to do with individual people and their birth place. We need to stop bullies not breed them. Let's all try to be proud to be British and human. To thank America for helping us in the war against Germany and to accept that not all German people supported Hitler! One thing I love about London is the fact that I never felt different because there are so many different nationalities living there. We all just got along and accepted each others culture. However I do have to say I came up against one National Front skin head man in his late 30's when I worked in a London bar who called me Bubble. He thought I was Greek. Good job I did  not tell him my Nan was part Burmese, French and English as he would have had a field day with that one. And I have come up against some racist English people. My Nan's own Grandparents turned their back on her and her brothers because they were mixed race. Sad world we live in!

I adore the video below of Wales V England. I have lived in Wales for eight years and I have to say I have some wonderful Welsh friends and neighbours. They made us very welcome in the little village. But sadly like every culture you are going to get people who just hate the English because they have been brainwashed into thinking everyone is the same.

My Auntie and Uncle came to visit me in Wales last year and I was late as usual. So they stopped off for a drink in our local pub. He asked the man behind the bad do you support local acts? The bar person was very friendly and said "yes we support local acts." As soon as my Uncle mentioned we were from England the bar person moved away and the conversation went dead.

My partner Jakson Lee has not gigged for over three months in Wales, he used to get gigs last minute. Not like England where he was busy all the time and booked well ahead! Going by what my Uncle told me is it any wonder we feel punished for being English? He is not only punished for being English but also for being a pub singer as he did not get through to Britain's Got Talent in 2010.

Here is one of Jakson Lees original songs Out of the darkness:

Here is Jakson Lee singing Butterfly Kisses the perfect wedding song for the farther of the bride.
Such a talent! Until Great Britain unites with Scotland, Wales and England he will never get the
work he deserves living in Wales, because he is not Welsh.

As for my Butterfly Lullaby book which promotes places in Wales and England, I ask the question, do you think Scotland, Wales and England will ever reunite and work as a team to get Great Britain on it's feet and out of this recession? I am proud to be human and have to say my poor Nan was made to sleep and eat in a shed with her brothers by rich and wealthy church going English people. But everyone is different. You cannot judge people from the place they were born or their culture. You have to give them a chance and start showing our children how not to bully people and judge them. All the time adults act this way we will never, ever rise above it and become a nation to be proud of. There is no pride in being a bully or being racist! A child told my little girl if you don't go to school you will not get a good job and will end up in a dirty/smelly house. Some people really have no idea of how difficult some peoples childhood is. There is a lot of snobbery surrounded by qualifications and status. The kindest people I have come across are those from poor backgrounds. Here is my video promoting Wales and Castell Coch in Cardiff.

Here is my video promoting The Upwey Wishing Well in England.

My family have grown up around bullies. Little Jodie who has Cystic Fibrosis and Diabetes had to leave school because a girl stopped her befriending anyone in her class. Her sister had to leave a school because she refused to join bullies. My Mother was bullied by a teacher and that and something else caused her mental breakdown. I have been bullied by Cyber Bullies, but I refuse to let them win. Keep fighting verbally for change and it will happen. People need to stop being selfish and start thinking about our children.

I hope the Olympics will bring Scotland, Wales and England together and all this silly proud to be .... will stop! Our children deserve a decent life no matter what colour, race or ability. We should all be working together to save all our school fields and butterfly meadows for our children's future.

And I for one love American people and all people with a kind and honest heart!

Sadly a meeting I had with International Business Wales years ago did not go well at all. I was left feeling talentless, worthless and humiliated as a women. Thankfully famous Robin Steven's who has over 30 years in Children's TV did not judge me and gave me a chance to work with him. He is on my website reading my story Colour me a fairies wish, and told me never to give up. Although Cyber Bullies struck and destroyed all my work and stopped me trading. I have learnt many lessons from this experience and who knows maybe one day the people that can change the world will sit up and listen and help those who have tried to help themselves and others, instead of just sitting on their pot of gold.

Thank you to the Welsh Assembly for treating everyone in Wales the same by giving them free prescriptions. Now that is something to be proud of!

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Anonymous said...

Here is a link to a site that asks the question why do the Welsh hate the English. The thing is not all Welsh people hate the English and visa versa. We need to stop stereo typing people from which Country they come from and grow up.

Seriously if people in power cannot put a stop to racism then they should really not be in charge of all our children!


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