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Saturday, 15 October 2011

Punished for being a Mother and for being a women

Do you ever feel that you are being punished for being a Mother and for being a women?
I would love to hear your thoughts on Motherhood! To all those great Dad's out their that take being a parent seriously well done! My neighbour is one of the best Dad's I have met! It is so difficult being a working parent as children don't get to come first the way they should!

This week my little girl was off school with Asthma. She said to me "Mummy, the one thing I hate about you working is that you cannot be with me when I am ill, or when I am off on Inset Day!" As a Mother I feel hard done by because I personally feel I can't take time off because if I do I could lose my job, especially with the recession. Thankfully I have been ill with Asthma over the holiday period so have had no time off work at all. In the video below my little girl talks about the damp in the house. She wears a mask because of Cyber Bullies.

The other thing I feel punished for is for having a childhood that was not totally privileged like some. Why should I be punished for having Asthma, which I nearly died of and kept me off school a lot. My poor Mum has been ill all my life, which meant I had to grow up and get my breakfast and walk to school at a very young age. But she is an amazing Mum and always made me feel safe when I could not breathe and looked after me when I really needed her.  I also suffer from dyslexia and was taught ITA which held me back at school. The only way I got through school was by copying because I really struggled at school and hated reading out loud. I left school with no qualifications and find it very sad that I am still to this day being punished for it. There seems to be a lot of snobbery surrounded by qualifications. You can be looked down upon if you don't have any! And it certainly effects your life with the low paid jobs. Because I want to be a stay at home Mum and be their for my child I work part time with a job that 90% of the time fits in with her school.

Even though I have no qualifications, I have most certainly achieved in life and own a house. Which sadly I was miss-sold on! But I will not give up and give in because I owe it to my child to give her a life like her friends have! I could tell you some stories about some rich and wealthy people that have not been kind!

The one thing I am totally blessed with is that I know things could have been 10 times worse, the bad times have taught me morals and there is always someone worse off. I look at my Nan and her brothers childhood and just wonder how they got through it and how other children get through losing their parents. Their mother took her life to save them from poverty, when their English farther died in the Burmese war from something that could have been cured if caught in time.  I believe she thought the English Grandparents would take pity on the children, but sadly they did not because they were mixed race. Being an orphan is bad enough, but being made to sleep and eat in a shed and treated like servants is outrageous, especially as these people were meant to be church people and believe in God. The song below was done for my little girls school protect, don't drink and drive. Give it some thought as children need their parents, and you cannot protect them if you have a car accident! The best things are free, look after the ones you love and think about the children that lost their parents because of drinking and driving. You will never forgive yourself!

I have no regrets in life as it has been a real learning curve. I feel I have become a much better and kinder person from knowing just what it is like to struggle emotionally and financially. Hopefully one day I will find people that are on the same wave length and together we can try and make Great Britain Great. Teamwork is what is needed. England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland need to start thinking about all our children and try to work together to help them all.

Well done Wales with the Welsh Rugby. Did you know that a lot of English people support you because you are part of Great Britain? It would be nice to see Scotland and Wales showing us some support too as it is good to teach our children that although we are separate Countries we are all trying together to make life better for all children. Where I am sitting sports shows all the problems in the world and that is why I don't follow it. Elton John said the word compassion was his favourite word. Words are easy, showing compassion can be a tough call for a lot of people who have no idea what it is like to struggle or have just simply forgotten. I would like to see some real compassion and support for Mum's in the UK and worldwide.

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