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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Women to be proud of Aung San Suu Kyi Burmese people never give up on peace and hope

Aung San Suu Kyi a women to be proud of. You deserve the Pink Shoe Roll of Honour, but even more you should be heard and supported by all women and men that believe in peace and humanity for all! If only we had more women in our world like you, it would be a much better place. If men gave birth maybe then they would understand the true meaning of life and how to treasure it! I know there are some good men in our world, but sadly where I am sitting a lot of men seem to be destroying our world and not thinking about our children. All the money wasted on wars could have been spent on feeding our world. I would like to see women like Aung San Suu Kyi in power instead of men. Then we would be able to save the world instead of destroying it! People blame God for a lot of things. Free will is something we are blessed with, but something some people take advantage of because they are power, money hungry and selfish.


Rangoon is the birth place of my Nan and her brothers. Her Mother took her own life to save her children from poverty in the hope that the Grandparents would take pity on them and look after them. Sadly the Grandparents did not approve of their sons marriage and the mixed race children (Burmese, French and English.) How sad that they did not want to keep their dead son's children. At four years old my Nan cried for her mother and books were her only escape. She was made to sleep and eat in a shed with her brothers by church going foster carers in England. The English authorities knew of their sleeping and eating arrangements but made them feel they were lucky to be living in England as it was not their birth place and they were not pure English. When I worked in London a man called me Bubble because he thought I was Greek. I am proud to be part Burmese and proud of Aung San Suu Kyi, my Nan and Great Nan. Thank goodness they were eventually put with decent foster care people Granny Richardson. A lady with heart!

My cousin Sandra called my Nan the bag lady and was ashamed of her mixed race. But then that is what some rich and wealthy people are like, well the ones I have come across anyway. I have an open mind that there may be some good wealthy people with hearts, just not come across any yet.

How many times have people told me there is no point fighting for justice verbally and emotionally. And I have told them they are wrong, because I have won many verbal battles. It is amazing what you can achieve if only you try. Look at the Burmese people and how they never give up on freedom and humanity.

Burma is trying to get help for the common man and women. Giving rights to adults and children less fortunate! Wonderful speech. We need to all work together for the whole world not just as individual Countries.

The internet is an amazing thing. It gives people freedom of speech and hope. Thank you Google for my Blog. Only last week I was contacted by my Mum's cousin as she had seen a video I created searching for information on our Burmese, French and English background. I now have a photograph of my Great Nan who was part Burmese/French. And a lovely photo of my Nan when she was young as well as other family photos. Burma gained independence from British rule in 1948 and have been under military rule since a coup in 1962 led by Gen. Ne Win.

One day I hope to take my little girl to visit the place where her Great Great Grandmother came from and her Great Nan was born (Rangoon Burma.) Burmese people to be proud of! Hope for World Peace.

My Nan Sybil Stanley Myles with me when I was little.

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