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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Google Little Snowflakes Christmas Wish for Mummy

Dear Google

Last night my little girl broke down in tears. She said Mummy you are always on the computer I want you to spend time with me. And she is right I waste some much time fighting for justice when it should already be in place. Family values should be at the very top of the list, instead of way down at the bottom. When she gets older I hope she never has to go through the sheer hell I have had to endure for simple little things called justice and humanity. Google you have the power to change this little girls life and make it better. Please grant her Christmas wish and stop the bullies and help her to reach all her dreams.

I have had to fight my whole life from simply breathing with asthma, to having to grow up too quickly because my poor Mum has been ill all my life. I listen to my little girl cough and wheeze every day with asthma because Mummy cannot earn a decent living thanks to selfish, nasty, greedy people on the Internet that have made it impossible for me to trade. In a compassionate world this Mummy would get help to get rid of the Butterfly Lullaby books without getting ripped off as I have been, and the damp would be gone. We could sleep easy knowing that we had raised that money for Jodie in the hope of a cure for Cystic Fibrosis. And Little Snowflake would have her own little art room and Mummy could relax and feel happy. Now these idiots are using the word Little Snowflake for things they should not as they know it blocks my little girls work to any parental site.

Little Snowflake does not go to Stage School like her friends, because Mummy is earning a rubbish salary which is less than a man, so she can be with her child. I don't want to waste any more time fighting for justice when justice should firmly be in place. Google and You Tube give children a platform to perform, which is so important because Stage School is expensive and when Mummy's like me get no support or help this is the only thing that offers a glimmer of  hope.

I feel that our family has seriously been to hell and back. But everything happens for a reason. I cannot ignore these things and we have to make changes so our children grow up to a better, brighter future where people do not get away with destroying children's lives and they are held accountable and made to financially pay for all the grief they cause. This is the new world I am aiming for. But I will have to fight for that when Little Snowflake is fast asleep because this Mummy wants to be with her child.

My little girl wants to see Winter the Dolphin, as a family we have the talent to get her there, but this can only happen when the Internet protects us and stops people ripping us off and is kinder to children.

Google you have supported me with all my work on line, I need you to protect me and help me earn on the Internet to make my little girls dreams come true. Please make this possible as no little girl should have to live in a horrible damp house with Asthma.

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